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TNPSC Group II Recruitment Grand Test for RACE Students – Result

TNPSC Group II Recruitment Grand Test for RACE Students - Result
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TNPSC Group II Grand Test Result – RACE TNPSC Candidates

Dear RACE Students,

TNPSC Group II Notification expected anytime soon and our TNPSC Dept have been conducting various Practice Programs to keep the students on track by addressing the upcoming TNPSC Group II Notification.

One of the colourful ideas, our Team conducted a Grand Test for the TNPSC Aspirants in Group II Pattern on 27th July in all RACE Branches.

More than 500 TNPSC Students in RACE Institute attended this examination online and the results of the same is now available to the students to check.

We are releasing two separate list of results for Tamil and English Medium, which are available below. We advise the students to check their TNPSC Group II Grand Test Marks by searching their Enrolment ID.

Total Marks: 200 Marks

Language: 150 Marks

Mathematics: 50 Marks

TNPSC Group II Grand Test Result Analysis

This Grand Test is conducted as a Model of the Original TNPSC Group II Examination. The questions were in the standard of the TNPSC Examination.

1. Students secured more than 100 in Tamil / 110 in English Language are getting ready for the examination. You are strong enough to crack the upcoming TNPSC Group II Examination.

2. A “Very Good” for the candidates who have scored 40 out of 50 in Mathematics section.

3. Students secured 120 out of 200 (Tamil) or 130 out of 200 (English) could crack the TNPSC Group II Examination with a little push on practice.

TNPSC Aspirants who are in need more practice, TNPSC Extreme Circle 2.0 and Group II Grand test 2 are on the way. Our TNPSC Dept will be releasing official notice on the website soon.

Until then DON’T SLOW DOWN.

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