Trivandrum Vs Cochin – TEST MATCH (DAY 2) – Result

Trivandrum Vs Cochin - TEST MATCH (DAY 2) – Result

trivandrum vs cochin test match day 2 result

Yesterday we have emphasized the needs to score more in the tests.

In Day 2 Test Results, Thiruvithamkoor Chekavas Team (Trivandrum branch) has aced the match by 0.2 points.

Even, 0.2 difference doesn’t make a huge difference, we must congratulate the effort they put to achieve this peak. This is what a real competition is. 

The war is a close one and the victory went to the Trivandrum branch.

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Test – Day 2 Results:

SSC Aptitude Average Score Analysis:

The margin of victory is only 0.6 points. Ernakulam branch is not less and has contested in a great manner. 

Trivandrum – 28.2 %

Ernakulam – 27.6 %

PSC Average Score Analysis:

Trivandrum branch was close to winning the contest, but the victory went to Ernakulam branch by 0.4 points.

Ernakulam – 33.6 %

Trivandrum – 33.2 %

From the SSC Aptitude, Ernakulam branch leads by 0.4 Point.

Thiruvithamkoor Chekavas lead the Day-2 Test by 0.2 Points when SSC and PSC results are Combined together.

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