VERANDA RACE Offline Classes - 1st Feb, 2022 »

VERANDA RACE Offline Classes Starts from 1st Feb, 2022

Veranda Race Offline Classes will commence from 1st Feb, 2022 after the COVID restrictions are lifted in Tamil Nadu. Students in Tamil Nadu branches of Veranda Race can start attending the offline classes from 1st Feb, 2022 in the respective Veranda Race Branches.
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Veranda RACE Offline Classes starts from Feb 1, 2022

Veranda Race - Offline Classes Starts from Feb 1, 2022

Dear Veranda RACE Students,

We come bearing a piece of happy news for you to rejoice!

Our Veranda RACE branches all over Tamil Nadu are now open and available to our Veranda Race students from 1 February 2022.

We are opening our Veranda RACE offline centers in Tamil Nadu and our offline classes are scheduled to kickstart from tomorrow after a brief halt due to COVID-19 restrictions.


Veranda RACE has made sure that your learning was not interrupted due to the temporary closure of offline centres and made sure all our classes are conducted online every day without any interruptions through our Veranda Race Video App.


All our Veranda Race branches conducted classes in online mode during this lockdown period and circles were continued through online mode with the help of our amazing team to tackle this unprecedented situation.


We at Veranda RACE did everything we could for the benefit of the students for their uninterrupted learning for the upcoming examinations with the same zeal as before.


Following the latest bulletin from the Tamil Nadu Government, Veranda RACE is again commencing our offline classes from 1 February 2022 and all our Branches in Tamil Nadu will be beginning their offline classes from tomorrow after thorough sanitization of our Veranda RACE offline branches premises.


We request our Veranda RACE students to adhere to the following:


  • Always wear masks while entering the premises of Veranda RACE branches (without fail)
  • Get yourselves double-vaccinated
  • Maintain social distancing at all times


  • Follow all necessary precautions as mentioned by our Tamil Nadu Government regarding COVID-19. 

This is to make sure that the COVID-19 pandemic does not stop our quest to attain our dream jobs.


We would also like to inform you that Veranda RACE offline classes and circles will continue to take as per the daily schedule.


Veranda RACE students are requested to check their daily schedule for offline classes and circles without fail.


While the frontline workers continue to fight day and night to protect us, let’s also continue to do our part. As we endure the most unprecedented time of our lives, let’s support the real heroes and pray for their safety.

We hope and wish that all your dreams are realised in 2022 with your dream government jobs!


Stay Safe!

Learn with Veranda RACE!


Frequently Asked Questions about Offline Classes - Veranda RACE

Q. Where can I check the Offline class schedule and Offline Circle Schedule? 

Veranda Race Students can check the offline classes schedule and Offline Circle Schedule through our Race Android & iOS App & through Simbatech.

Q. I am a Veranda RACE offline student. Should I visit the offline centre for daily classes? 

A. As the Tamil Nadu Government has announced the opening of all the educational institutions and opening of offline classes, we are now open in All branches in Tamil Nadu from 1st February, 2022. Kindly visit your respective branches to attend your daily offline classes

Q. Where can I find information about the Offline classes for Veranda RACE offline students? 

A. Veranda RACE offline students are requested to remain active on Telegram/Whatsapp Veranda RACE official groups to receive the latest updates/announcements regarding online classes for the offline students. Your respective Course Mentors and Team Leaders will update you on the necessary details regarding the timings of the online classes.

Q. Can I use the LAB & LIBRARY facilities in our Veranda Race Tamil Nadu Branches? 

A. Veranda Race Offline Students can attend the Offline Classes in our Veranda Race – Tamil Nadu Branches and can also utilize the LAB, LIRARY & SOLO Facilities to enhance their preparations in all our Veranda Race Branches in Tamil Nadu. 

Q. Where can I contact if I have any questions regarding the Offline classes for Veranda RACE offline students?

Veranda RACE offline students can contact the below mobile numbers or mail us your questions regarding any doubts related to offline classes during the closure of Veranda RACE offline centres. 

Mobile No: +91 75500 03885 

Email id:

Please check the Veranda Race Branches Email ID and Support Phone Number from the below given link.

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