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Veranda Race Toppers List Certificates

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Top Super Stars from this Week Tests & Circles

Veranda Race is conducting Online Classes for our Online & Offline Students along with circles and multitude of Exams for the upcoming exams. 

There has been a huge spike in the learners who are attending the Online Classes and Online Mentoring & Viva Sessions. 

We have been conducting various programs for Banking, SSC & TNPSC for the upcoming exams in 2021 which will be conducted after COVID-19 restrictions are lifted. 

The following programs are conducted in Veranda Race as of now in Online for both the Offline & Online Students.


Banking Classes (Online)
Banking Basic Circle
SBI Extreme Cirlce
SBI CLERK Mock Test Series


SSC Classes (Online)
SSC Focus Circle (Online)
SSC Basic Classes (Online)
Special Sessions (Online)


TNPSC Classes (Online)
TNPSC Extreme Circle (Online)
TNPSC Group II Test Series
TNPSC Basic Circle (Online)

All Veranda Race Students are attending these sessions daily in our Online Race Videos App, Race Online App, Veranda Learning App and in Bankersdaily. 

We at Veranda Race are starting a new initiative to congratulate the toppers with Certificates for their Top Achievements in the above mentioned tests in Banking, SSC & TNPSC. 

So our Veranda Race team has now selected students who have exceled in the ongoing Test Series & Circle Sessions and have provided the Certificates for their Hard Work. 

The Students are in the right track to achieve their dream destination of “Government Job in 2021“. 

Veranda Race congratulates all the students who have topped the Test Series in Banking, SSC & TNPSC, Toppers in the respective Test Series can download the certificates for their top marks for the 3rd week Tests (in May, 2021) from the download links provided across their names. 

Students can also tag Veranda Race in Social Media platforms if they flaunt their certificates along with the tag #VerandaRaceTopper , so that we can also like and share your achievement in the Social Media Platforms. 

The list of students who got top ranks in Test Series

Veranda Race Toppers - Banking

NAMEEnrollmentDownload Certificate Link
Aswin kumar14-DecDownload Certificate
Swaathy4-JanDownload Certificate
Evangelin14-DecDownload Certificate
Devadarshini4-DecDownload Certificate
Kritika14-DecDownload Certificate
SUBIKSHAAN-B060720-MOR-001Download Certificate
GOWRI ATm-B240820-MOR-005Download Certificate
UDHAYA SAJITHATl-B120421-MOR-A-007Download Certificate
ANAGHATr-B150221-MOR-A-003Download Certificate
AISHWARYA NTm-B141220-MOR-002Download Certificate
SUNDARAVADHANITh-B010221-MOR-035Download Certificate
ARAVIND KUMARTl-B120421-MOR-A-012Download Certificate
C H JANANIM-B070421-MOR-A-028Download Certificate
SELVA KUMAR JN-B240120-MOR-013Download Certificate
VIGNESHVARAN MN-B240120-MOR-005Download Certificate
SAKTHI VARSHINITh-B150221-MOR-004Download Certificate
VIGNESHWARIVl-B110320-MOR-A-001Download Certificate
Revathy Vijayan UTr-B120421-MOR-A-036Download Certificate
KARTHIGAI PRIYADl-B281220-MOR-A-002Download Certificate
DIVYAB280920-MOR-041Download Certificate
GOWTHAMB250121-MOR-A-004Download Certificate
JANANITl-B240221-MOR-A-012Download Certificate
MANIKANDAN TN-B040320-MOR-004Download Certificate
KIRUTHIGABs220720-MOR-A-004Download Certificate
ANOOJA SKTr-B150221-MOR-A-013Download Certificate

Veranda Race Toppers - SSC

NAMEEnrollmentCertificate Download Link
SYED KASHIFF AHAMED RC-S080121-AN-020Download Certificate
CHANDRA KUMAR RC-BS110321-MOR-003Download Certificate
Ramya Durga KBS030521-MOR-A-014Download Certificate
AARTHILAKSHMI MS220221-MOR-A-022Download Certificate
ReshmaM-S070421-MOR-A-020Download Certificate
Vignesh VS220221-MOR-A-020Download Certificate
RAJASHREEBS070421-MOR-B-006Download Certificate
Nizamuddeen M YBs120819-MOR-003Download Certificate
MICHAEL D AS190421-AN-004Download Certificate
AISHWARYA KBS240321-AN-003Download Certificate
ILAKKIYA SS190220-MOR-A-007Download Certificate
Kaviya.RS250121-MOR-A-071Download Certificate
Sathish ragathiraS080321-MOR-A-036Download Certificate
prakash Rravichandranprakash.3@gmail.comDownload Certificate
Ajeeth Peter Francisco sajeeth.peter@gmail.comDownload Certificate
ANAGHA ASOKanaghaasok1196@gmail.comDownload Certificate
SENTHIL KUMARsenthil.palanismn@gmail.comDownload Certificate
Harini Baskarharini28bsv@gmail.comDownload Certificate

Veranda Race Toppers - TNPSC

NAMEEnrollmentCertificate Download Link
Shyamala18-JAN-21-TNPSC (ONLINE)Download Certificate
Gayathri29-MAR-21-TNPSC (ONLINE)Download Certificate
Bhargavi Balaji01-MAR-21-TNPSC (ONLINE)Download Certificate
Kaviya SekarTNPSC Flexi (ONLINE)Download Certificate
Vishnu Balan18-JAN-21-TNPSC (ONLINE)Download Certificate
Girijadevi Jeevanandan15-MAR-21-TNPSC (ONLINE)Download Certificate
pravin infent A15-FEB-21-TNPSC (ONLINE)Download Certificate
Iswarya Ravikumar18-JAN-21-TNPSC (ONLINE)Download Certificate
Manimehala Yuvaraj01-MAR-21-TNPSC (ONLINE)Download Certificate
Deepa Ravichandran15-FEB-21-TNPSC (ONLINE)Download Certificate
GOUTHAM RAM R14-DEC-20-TNPSC (ONLINE)Download Certificate
Anand M29-MAR-21-TNPSC (ONLINE)Download Certificate
Karpagavalli K14-DEC-20-TNPSC (ONLINE)Download Certificate
Premi T15-FEB-21-TNPSC (ONLINE)Download Certificate
JANANI S26-APR-21-TNPSC (ONLINE)Download Certificate
Sathya B29-MAR-21-TNPSC (ONLINE)Download Certificate
Sujitha Pandian10-MAY-21-TNPSC (ONLINE)Download Certificate
K.P.Uma Bharathi01-FEB-21-TNPSC (ONLINE)Download Certificate
SHANMUGAPRIYA. S18-JAN-21-TNPSC (ONLINE)Download Certificate
Monisa Baskaran01-FEB-21-TNPSC (ONLINE)Download Certificate
KarthikeyanTh-T030321-MOR-003Download Certificate
GaneshVl-T030321-MOR-A-005Download Certificate
VenkateshtT230920-MOR-003Download Certificate
ArunM-T270121-MOR-023Download Certificate
SaraswathiM-T261220-SS-004Download Certificate
ShunmugapriyaM-T060221-SS-005Download Certificate
Samish kumarTh-TB010421-MOR-001Download Certificate
MugunthanS-T050221-MOR-005Download Certificate
AjithVl-T220221-MOR-A-006Download Certificate

All the best Students. Keep Preparing and achieve your Dream Job in 2021. 

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