English Team

English Team

India being a country of diversity in its culture, languages and regions, English plays an important role in connecting people across the country. In other words, English serves as a link-language in the country. Globalization has encouraged the both private sectors and government organizations to think beyond their states and languages.

Tool for employability:

As the world is becoming more competitive due to changed world economy, the employees are always kept on their toes. It is like either you work hard and show your performance or perish for not taking care of your professional growth. Communication skills are very much essential for one’s professional growth. The ability to express fluently in both written as well as oral form of language is very much essential not only for the career growth, but also for getting placed initially.

English is a major part in almost all the competitive exams of today’s world. Without having a good command over English language, chances of you surviving in this competitive world is very less Competitive exams test English in the areas of Vocabulary, Grammar and comprehension.

RACE Coaching Institute Private Limited offers the highest level of quality standards in English with a team of senior and eminent faculties.


Shri. Soundarajan

English faculty with TIME and IMS over 12 years. Handled CAT, GRE, GMAT and CRT programs in various colleges.

He has been handling Special English classes in our institution and also involved in Research and Development (English) Team.


Shri. Gopalakrishnan

He is an expert in handling General English and Interview programs with 33 years of experience as CPSU Officer. He has been guiding students of RACE to attend interviews and to develop their communication skills for their effective performance.


Smt. Priya Krishnan

Priya Krishnan is a highly energetic and motivated trainer who has tutelage from British Council for training IELTS students.

She brings with her two decades of experience in training individuals from various streams like engineering graduates, middle management executives from corporate sectors belonging to power and automobile industries,

trainees in hospitality and aviation, curriculum based teachers and employees from varied industrial / institutional background.

She has seventeen years of experience in soft skills training especially in the field of communication skills accent neutralization and personality development focusing on career development. She conducts workshops on etiquettes, presentation skills, motivation and time management.

With the help of erudite faculties, RACE offers expert coaching in the areas of:

  • Vocabulary – Idioms & Phrases, Synonyms & Antonyms, one word substitution and misspelt words.
  • Grammar– Spotting the errors in the use of Nouns, Verbs, Articles, Prepositions, Conjunctions, subject-verb agreement etc.
  • Reading skills– Comprehension and passages – Easy , moderate and difficult levels
  • Writing skills– Letter writing, essay writing etc.

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