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Job Opportunity in RACE Coaching Institute

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Veranda Race  (Previosuly Chennai Race Coaching Institute Pvt Ltd) is an innovative online educational platform developed by Veranda Learning Solutions Pvt Ltd., a leader in the Indian educational sector. They provide a wide range of courses and programs designed to help students excel in competitive exams and further their academic and professional pursuits.

Leveraging state-of-the-art technology and a team of experienced educators, Veranda Race offers an extensive collection of online courses that cater to various competitive exams, including Banking, SSC, TNPSC, and Railway exams. Their courses are meticulously crafted to ensure that students have access to the best resources and guidance for their exam preparation.

The Veranda Race Learning Solutions platform utilizes an adaptive learning methodology, providing personalized learning experiences to help students grasp concepts effectively and efficiently. The online courses consist of high-quality video lectures, live interactive sessions, and comprehensive study materials, making learning more engaging and accessible for students.

One of the standout features of Veranda Race Learning Solutions is its robust assessment system, which helps students identify their strengths and weaknesses. Regular mock tests and practice exams ensure that students stay on track with their progress and are well-prepared to face the actual exams with confidence.

Additionally, Veranda Race Learning Solutions provides dedicated student support and mentorship to guide and motivate students throughout their learning journey. With the expert guidance and resources provided by Veranda Race, students can develop a solid foundation and excel in their chosen competitive exams, paving the way for a successful academic and professional future.

We Are Hiring _ FOE-01
S.No Designation No.Of Vacancies Location
1 SSC Aptitude Trainer 1 Tirunelveli
2 FOE (Female) 3 Chennai
3 Aptitute Trainer 2 chennai
4 Aptitude Trainer 1 Trivandrum
5 Banking mentor 2 Theni
6 FOE (Female) 2 Theni
7 Banking English Trainer 1 Dindigul
8 Aptitude / Reasoning Trainer 2 Theni
9 Banking English Trainer 2 Theni
10 FOE (Female) 1 Vellore
11 FOE (M) 1 Kannur
12 Tele caller (Female) 2 Kannur
13 Coordinator 1 Kannur
14 Banking Mentor 1 Kannur
15 SSC Mentor 1 Kannur
16 Kpsc Mentor 1 Kannur
17 Branch manager 1 Karaikudi
18 Branch manager 1 Kayamkulam
19 Mentor(Banking/psc/ssc) 3 Kayamkulam
20 TL 1 Kayamkulam
21 SSC Mentor 1 Tiruvarur
22 FOE(Male) 1 Calicut
23 Tele caller (Female) 1 Calicut
24 SSC Mentor 1 Kanchipuram
25 English Trainer 1 Madurai
26 SSC Trainer(Rea) 1 Tanjore
27 Aptitude Trainer 1 coimbatore
28 tele caller 2 coimbatore
29 ssc mentor 1 Kollam
30 FOE (Female) 1 Tambaram
31 Tele calling (Female) 1 Salem
32 FOE (Female) 1 Krishnagiri
33 Tnpsc Mentor 1 Villupuram
34 English Trainer (Banking) 1 Villupuram
35 SSC GS Trainer 1 Villupuram
36 SSC TRAINER(Apt/Eng) 1 Nagercoil
37 FOE (Female) 1 Nagercoil
38 Banking Mentor 1 Kanchipuram
39 SSC Mentor 1 Erode
40 SSC Mentor 3 coimbatore
41 Banking Awareness Trainer 1 Chidambaram
42 English Trainer 1 Chidambaram
43 FOE (Female) 1 Chidambaram
44 Banking Mentor 1 Vellore
45 Banking Mentor 1 Mayiladuthurai
46 SSC Mentor 1 Mayiladuthurai
47 Aptitude Trainer 1 Namakkal
48 SSC Mentor 2 Trivandrum
49 Banking Mentor 1 Trivandrum
50 Aptitude Trainer 1 Tanjore
51 Tnpsc Mentor 1 Dindigul
52 Tnpsc His/ Geo Trainer 1 Dindigul
53 SSC Mentor 1 Dindigul
54 Banking Mentor 1 Dindigul
55 Banking Mentor 1 Coimbatore
56 Branch manager 1 Chengalpattu
57 Branch manager 1 Hosur
58 Tele callers (PV) 2 Trivandrum
59 Banking Mentor 2 Tanjore
60 FOE (Female) 1 Dindigul

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