How to Crack SSC CHSL Exam in Your First Attempt? »

How to Crack SSC CHSL Exam in Your First Attempt?

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The SSC CHSL Exam can only be cracked if the candidate has a detailed exam plan for the upcoming SSC CHSL 2022 Exam. To create a solid study plan and an exam strategy, the candidates need to have an understanding of the SSC CHSL Exam syllabus and the SSC CHSL Exam pattern. 

Getting a central government job in various government departments, union ministries and premier government organizations is easy with the below SSC CHSL Exam preparation guide. Your SSC CHSL Exam preparation can be made full proof and intact by having a clear understanding of the subjects, exam syllabus and exam pattern.

The official notification for the SSC CHSL Exam 2022 has been released recently. A detailed exam plan for the SSC CHSL Exam 2022 is important if candidates wish to find a way to know how to clear SSC CHSL Exam in their first attempt. To develop an effective study plan and exam strategy for the upcoming SSC CHSL Exam, candidates must have a clear idea about the exam syllabus and exam pattern of SSC CHSL Exam. 

Below is a detailed guide to help you prepare for the upcoming SSC CHSL Exam 2022 and find an answer to the question, ‘How to crack SSC CHSL Exam in Your First Attempt?’. Let’s check it out.

How to Crack SSC CHSL Exam in Your First Attempt: Preparation Strategies

  • Be Informed of SSC CHSL Exam Patterns and Exam Syllabus: 

The biggest shock comes when candidates arrive at the exam centre and discover that the exam pattern has changed or has been altered recently. As such, it’d be in the best interest of the candidates to pay attention to the official notification of the SSC CHSL Examination for more specifications regarding recent changes, in particular, on the number of questions, the number of sections, maximum marks, duration of the test and the time allowed.

  • Cut-off is the Key: 

Did you know that the SSC CHSL Tier-I Examination has no sectional cut-offs? 

The total of your scores in the SSC CHSL Tier I Examination needs to be greater than the cut-off set by the Staff Selection Commission. Taking a look at the previous year’s question paper for the SSC CHSL Exam and trying to complete it within the given time limit is a great way of checking your performance for the upcoming SSC CHSL Examination 2022. Candidates should also be aware of the previous year’s cut-offs announced by SSC for SSC CHSL Exam in advance in order to better prepare for the upcoming SSC CHSL Exam.

  • Plan for Time Management:

There are sections such as General Knowledge, Quantitative Aptitude (Basic Arithmetic Skill), General Intelligence and English Language (Basic Knowledge) in the SSC CHSL Tier I Examination. Within a limited-time environment, candidates should make sure to do the prior practice in order to complete the exam and double-check the answers. The total number of questions is 100 in the SSC CHSL Examination. The maximum mark is 200, and you have 3600 seconds in total to answer the 100 questions in the SSC CHSL Tier I Examination. In other words, candidates should be able to answer a question within 36 seconds. Another way to look at it is that candidates do not need to find all the answers. Therefore, they will have just over 36 seconds to answer a single question. Bear this particular fact in mind as the candidates practice mock tests for the SSC CHSL Exam.

  • It is important to refer to books:

Choosing the right study materials for SSC CHSL Exams is crucial. It is not a good idea to read too many books during your SSC CHSL Exam preparation. Before beginning another book, make sure to finish an already well-written one. Make sure to select a trusted publisher while choosing books for your SSC CHSL Exam preparation. 

  • Practice Adequate Mock Tests:

The answer to your question of how to crack SSC CHSL Exam in your first attempt is only one and that is practice. 

Seeing to it that you complete this step is a key to clearing the SSC CHSL Exam. Begin initially by taking SSC CHSL mock tests right after you have completed  preparing the SSC CHSL Exam syllabus The SSC CHSL Tier I mock tests have time limits and follow the same exam pattern as the real SSC CHSL Tier I Exam. Candidates need to do a comprehensive analysis of their performance after solving an SSC CHSL Tier I Mock Test without fail. As your performance in these mock tests surges, your confidence in cracking the SSC CHSL Tier I Exam will also eventually rise.

  • Do not leave general awareness to the last: 

The general awareness section in the SSC CHSL Exam is an easy-scoring part since the questions posed in this section do not require any calculations or mind-bending thoughts. This is enough to tell whether you know the answer or not by just looking at the questions posed in this general awareness section. Everything depends on how well the candidates have prepared for this section. If the candidates are planning to prepare for this section at last, then they need to rethink their SSC CHSL Exam strategy. Candidates need to begin their preparation for this general awareness section immediately as the SSC CHSL syllabus for this section,  in particular, is limitless. Candidates can use the Veranda RACE’s SAMRAT monthly magazine to help them prepare efficiently for the general awareness section of the SSC CHSL exam.

  • Practice & Analyse To Succeed:

When candidates compare the SSC CHSL exam to Bank exams, they will see that the questions asked in the SSC CHSL exam are somewhat easier than the Bank exams. As a result, if the candidates get slightly easy questions, then they won’t be out of the competition, which means they cannot back out on the SSC CHSL Exam for being tough. Try to practice as much as at least 100 questions on each topic and learn the different types of questions on a daily basis. Candidates will be able to improve their ability to analyse various types of questions within the same topic by solving many questions. They will also become proficient in using time-saving shortcuts as you answer these many questions. Without fail, candidates should allocate at least six to seven hours to preparing for the SSC CHSL Exam on a daily basis in order to get a better score.

  • Shortcuts Help You Perform Better:

For each section of the SSC CHSL Exam, there are many shortcuts to choose from. Take a look at them, comprehend them and use them to save time and solve questions at a faster rate. This will help the candidates perform better in the upcoming SSC CHSL Exam. The importance of understanding time-saving shortcuts before using them cannot be overstated. A question that has been twisted can make the candidates answer the question incorrectly if they do not understand the usage of the shortcut for that particular question.

Crack SSC CHSL Tier-I Exam

  • Practice as many quantitative aptitude questions as you can. Get a book that covers all the elements and concepts of quantitative aptitude. A quantitative aptitude test consists of questions on a wide variety of topics like simple interest, compound interest, profit and loss, time and distance,  permutation and combination, probability, data interpretation, geometry, number series and sequences.
  • Candidates might start by reading the newspaper and keep up with current events for the general awareness and general knowledge section. Make sure to read the English language newspapers. To further improve your general knowledge, candidates can also buy a yearbook or read regular GK magazine publications every one or three months. 
  • Candidates can also use Veranda RACE’s SSC SAMRAT monthly magazine to keep themselves apprised and prepare better for the current affairs section of the SSC CHSL Exam. 
  • Attending mock tests with as many questions from logical reasoning section as possible to test general intelligence is best recommended. Puzzles, logic series, patterns, coding-decoding, syllogism and other topics can all assure the candidates to attend all general intelligence questions in the SSC CHSL Exam.
  • Good English books are sufficient for improving English language skills for the general English section of the SSC CHSL Exam. A good grasp of English grammar is also essential to crack the general English section. Candidates will find reading comprehension, word fillers, spelling, error spotting, synonyms, antonyms and more in this section.

Crack SSC CHSL Tier-II Exam

  • It is recommended that candidates write about 200 to 250 words for the essay writing section of the SSC CHSL Tier II Examination. Candidates will receive 100 marks for the essay writing section. A variety of topics are usually covered, such as general issues, finance and economy and topics related to national importance, international issues, environment and ecology, sports and technology. A well-read candidate will be able to take this essay writing part with ease. By reading English newspapers regularly and then practicing essays on general issues based on the information that they gather, candidates can practice and develop their essay writing skill.
  • Another 100-mark is dedicated to the section on letter writing. An aspirant must know the format, tone and style of different formats of letters for this section (corporate/casual). Practicing continuously writing letters may help the candidates to score higher in this section in the SSC CHSL Tier II Examination.

Ending Note:

In this article, we have explained to the candidates about how to clear the SSC CHSL Exam in your first attempt. But, it can be challenging to crack the SSC CHSL Exam on your first try in such a competitive environment. It is a known fact that an individual can crack the SSC CHSL Exam with ease if they have the right type of qualities and attitude.


  • 1. How to crack the SSC CHSL Exam in the first attempt?

    Despite the fact that the SSC CHSL Exam does not have the highest level of difficulty among all competitive exams in India, the level of competition for the SSC CHSL Exam is high every year. Candidates find it difficult to pass the SSC CHSL exam because of the competitiveness among aspirants. One mistake can cause the candidate to lose a year's worth of SSC CHSL preparation. It is vital that the candidates be both fast and accurate in order to crack the SSC CHSL Exam in their first attempt.

  • 2. What are the modes of SSC CHSL Tier-I and Tier-II Exams?

    The SSC CHSL Tier-I Exam is a computer-based examination (CBE), while the SSC CHSL Tier-II Exam is a descriptive type pen and paper-based test.

  • 3. How many marks are there in SSC CHSL Tier-II Exam?

    The SSC CHSL Tier-II Examination consists of 100 marks.

  • 4. SSC CHSL Exam syllabus includes a section on quantitative aptitude. What are those topics included in the quantitative aptitude section?

    The quantitative aptitude section in the SSC CHSL Exam includes topics such as:

    • Ratio & Proportion
    • Mixture and Allegation
    • Simplification
    • Data Interpretation
    • Profit & Loss
    • Geometry
    • Algebra
    • Number System
    • Fundamental Arithmetical Operations
    • Statistical Charts

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