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Secret of Success – TNPSC Super Batch

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Secret of Success - TNPSC Super Batch

“A winning Effort Begins with preparation” 

Dear TNSPC Aspirants

You have been constantly preparing in the TNPSC Super Batch which we test regularly using the Online Tests which are conducted regularly. 

We are proud to announce that some of the aspirants who were lagging in their preparations has improved to a different level and have leveraged their preparations to the Next level. 

Based on the Online Tests we are again separating the batches based on your Average Scores in the Online Exams.

Aspirants who have Secured TOP 75 Ranks in the Online Exams will be in Group “A” and others who fell below 75th rank will have to be in Group “B”

Congrats to the aspirants who have scored more and are in  GROUP “A”

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