Buy TNPSC Group 4 Online Mock Test Batch For Just Rs. 999

Buy TNPSC Group 4 Online Mock Test Batch For Just Rs. 999

Check Details TNPSC GROUP 4 Test Batch: 123 Online Exams for Rs. 999/- Vacancies Salary Structure
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The Importance Of Mock Tests For TNPSC Group 4 Aspirants

Are you a TNPSC Aspirant and finagling to appear for the TNPSC Group 4 Exam 2022? 

Chennai Race (Which is now Veranda Race) offers the “TNPSC Group 4 Online Test” to find your strong and weak points and prepare for the Group 4 exam accordingly.

Taking Multiple attempts of the group 4 mock test will help you with time management, answering strategiesimproving your speed, revision of complete syllabus, and more.

Race group 4 test batch 2022 includes 30 Full-length Mock tests & 90+ Topic-Wise Mock Tests. 

To join, please click the below link.

Deep view on Group 4 Vacancies 2022

Buy TNPSC Group 4 Mock Test Series

The total number of vacancies available for the TNPSC Group 4 2022 is 7301.

This consolidated recruitment fills vacancies in the various departments/posts in Tamil Nadu Ministerial Service, Tamil Nadu Judicial Ministerial Service, Tamil Nadu Survey and Land Records Subordinate Service, Tamil Nadu Secretariat Service and Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly Secretariat Service etc.

Earlier during the year 2017, TNPSC made a huge change in the Recruitment Planner by merging TNPSC Group 4 Exam and VAO Exam as one & named it as TNPSC CCSE – IV Recruitment and following the same since 2018.

Last year, the TNPSC Group 4 Recruitment 2019 had 6491 vacancies which is now increase to 7301. It means that, the vacancies are increasing (12% high compared to 2019) every year.

Promising Salary Structure of TNPSC Group 4 Posts

The Salary for the various posts available in TNPSC Group 4 has been increased drastically based on the pay commission.

So, this has been a lucrative job offer which cannot be denied by the aspirants, so every year lakhs of candidates appear for the exams.

A BIG Competition in Group 4 Exam 2022

More than 13 Lakhs Candidates have appeared in the 2019 Group 4 Exam and this number of candidates who are appearing for the Group IV Exam 2022 will be more than 25 Lakhs.

Why join group 4 test batch 2022 in Race Institute?

Race Institute has pioneered the TNPSC Exam with the Results of Group I and Group IV Exams and is now ready with the Online Mock Test Series for group 4 exams.

Aspirants were curious to search for the Study Materials & Model Exam Papers PDF online, and many have been joining unknown institute which doesn’t add value to their exam Preparation.

Race Institute students know the value and efforts of our TNPSC Team who toil hard to produce valuable materials and Active VIVA sessions to inculcate the value of active studying for the TNPSC Group 4 Exams and it is specific.



Benefits of Joining Race Group 4 Test Batch 2022

✔️ 30 கவனமாக உருவாக்கப்பட்ட முழு மாதிரி தேர்வுகள்

✔️ 60+ புதிய டி.என்.பி.எஸ்.சி குரூப் 4 பாடத்திட்ட அடிப்படையிலான பாடத்தேர்வுகள்

✔️ 30+ புதிய பள்ளி பாடப்புத்தக அடிப்படையிலான பாடக்குறிப்புகள்

✔️ விரிவான விளக்கங்களுடன் கூடிய வினாக்களுக்கான காணொளி அலசல்

✔️ முக்கிய நடப்பு நிகழ்வுகளை உள்ளடக்கிய TNPSC Current Affairs பாடக்குறிப்புகள்

✔️ திறனறிவு கேள்விகளுக்கு விரைவாக பதிலளிக்க shortcuts

A Note to TNPSC Group 4 Exam Aspirants

Students who have appeared for the recently ended TNPSC Group 2 & 2A Exam 2022 can check the rank and can predict the Overall Rank, Community Rank / Communal Rank , PSTM Rank, Gender Rank (Female Rank) & Other Ranks through our Veranda Race – Know your Rank Predictor. 

* NOTE : Please note that this is not an official Rank provided by TNPSC but a Rank predictor to predict your TNPSC Group 2 & 2A Overall Rank based on the total Number of questions the students have attended. The rankings provided in the links are just a prediction based on the total number of students who have registered for the exams and not the final one. 

STEP 1: To know your TNPSC Group 2 & 2 A 2022 Overall Rank , PSTM Rank , Community Rank / Communal Rank, please visit the below given link. 

We have been getting numerous requests to conduct the Online Examination for the upcoming TNPSC CCSE Group 4 Exam 2022 and we have a huge responsibility to support RACE & Non-RACE Aspirants.

With the hope & expectations you have had on us, our RACE TNPSC Team has come up with a great idea on delivering Highly Expected Questions to those who all are preparing for the Group 4 exam 2022.

Test your preparation with TNPSC Group 4 Online Test

The Group 4 Online Mock Test Series consists of 30 Full Length Mock Tests & 60+ Individually focused topic-wise mock tests and 30+ latest updated topic-wise study materials in total.

The following are the different tests available in the Test series for the Group 4 Exam 2022.

Totally, an aspirant will be solving 15,000+ Questions in the online Mock Test Series exclusively provided by Veranda Race (Previously Chennai Race Coaching Institute Pvt Ltd)

இந்த தேர்வுகள் ONLINE-ல் நடத்த திட்டமிடப்பட்டுள்ளது.

For ONLINE access, Purchase the Series at Rs. 999/-

TNPSC Group IV Posts-க்கான Test Series Schedule இத்துடன் இணைக்கப்பட்டுள்ளது.

Complete Test Series schedule for TNPSC Group 4 Exam

WeekTest NumberMorning TestNoon Test
Week 1
23-MayModel Test 1 & Explanation session
24-May6th Term 1 Tamil6th Term 2 Tamil
25-MayThirukural – need answer keyIndus valley Civilization and Guptas
26-MayNature of Universe, Measurement of physical Quantities, General Scientific law of motion, Force, pressure and energy, Mechanics, Electricity, MagnetismConstitution of India and Preamble of India , Salient features and Union, State and Union territory
27-MayNational renaissance, Early uprising against British rule in IndiaNature of Indian Economy ,Five Year Plan, Planning Commission and NITI Aayog
28-MayModel Test 2 & Explanation session
Week 2
29-MayModel Test 3 & Explanation session
30-May6th Term 3 TamilSimplification, Number System & Sequence Series
31-MayHistory of Tamil Society, Archaeological Discoveries and Sangam Literature7th Term 1 Tamil
1-JunLight, Sound, Heat And Nuclear PhysicsDelhi Sultans and Mughals
2-Jun7th Term 2 TamilHCF and LCM & Average and Problems based on ages
3-JunModel Test 4 & Explanation session
Week 3
4-JunModel Test 5 & Explanation session
5-Jun7th Term 3 TamilEarly Agitations against British, Role of freedom struggle in Tamil Nadu
6-JunHuman Development Indicators in Tamil Nadu8th Std – Term 1 Tamil
7-Jun8th Std – Term 2 TamilSouth Indian History and Marathas
8-JunCitizenship, Fundamental Rights ,Fundamental Duties and DPSPSimple and Compound Interest
9-JunModel Test 6 & Explanation session
Week 4
10-JunModel Test 7 & Explanation session
11-JunElements and Compounds, Acids and Bases, Petroleum products, Fertilizers and Pesticides8th Std – Term 3 Tamil
12-Jun9th Std – Term 1 TamilSocial Justice and Education and Health system in Tamil Nadu
13-JunUnion Government, State Government and Local GovernmentProfit and loss , Time and work and pipes and cisterns
14-Jun9th Std – Term 2 TamilDifferent mode of Agitation in Tamil Nadu and other movements
15-JunModel Test 8 & Explanation session
Week 5
16-JunModel Test 9 & Explanation session
17-Jun9th Std – Term 3 TamilRole of Women in freedom struggle
18-JunMain Concepts of Science and Classification of living organisms, Evolution and Genetics
Social reformers, Social reform movements, Social Transformation in TamilNadu
19-JunCentre – state relation, Election and JudiciaryProbability and Statistics Questions
20-Jun10th Std – Term 1 TamilNatural resources- Soils, Minerals and Water resources of Tamil Nadu
21-JunModel Test 10 & Explanation session
Week 6
22-JunModel Test 11 & Explanation session
23-JunRural welfare oriented programmes, Population, Education, Employment, Poverty and HealthSolar System -Location, Physical Features, Monsoon and climate of India
24-Jun10th Std – Term 2 TamilRatio and Proportion, Percentage, Area and Volume
25-JunPhysiology, Nutrition, Health and Hygiene ,Human Diseases and Environmental ScienceSource of revenue, Reserve Bank of Inda, Finance commission and Resource sharing Between Union and States and GST
26-JunRationale behind Reservation Policy and access to Social ResourcesForest, Wildlife, Agriculture and transport Communication
27-JunModel Test 12 & Explanation session
Week 7
28-JunModel Test 13 & Explanation session
29-Jun10th Std – Term 3 TamilGeography of Tamil Nadu and its impact on Economic growth
30-JunAnticorruption measures- LokPal,Lok Ayuktha , Right to Information, Consumer protection,Human Rights and
Women empowerment
Indian National Congress and Leaders-Ambedkar, Bhagat Singh, Bharathiyar and VOC, Jawarharlal Nehru, Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad,Gandhi, Rajaji and Kamaraj
1-JulDisaster Management, Environment and climate changePolitical parties and Welfare schemes for various sections of
2-Jul11th Std – Unit 1 to 511th Std – Unit 6 to 10
3-JulTNPSC GR- IV – Model Test 14 & Explanation session
 4-Jul12th Std – Unit 1 to 512th Std – Unit 6 to 10
 5-JulPart A – Full Test – IlakkanamPart B – Full Test – Ilakkaiyam
Week 8
6-JulPart C – Full Test – Tamil ArignargalMaths – Full Test
7-JulModel Test 15
8-JulModel Test 16
9-JulModel Test 17
10-JulModel Test 18
 11-JulModel Test 19
Week 9
12-JulModel Test 20
13-JulModel Test 21
14-JulModel Test 22
15-JulModel Test 23
16-JulModel Test 24
17-JulModel Test 25
 18-JulModel Test 26
 19-JulModel Test 27
 20-JulModel Test 28
 21-JulModel Test 29
 22-JulModel Test 30

Instructions to the candidates:

The test will be available only in ONLINE in Veranda Learning LMS – Click Here

Note to Veranda RACE TNPSC Students: This Test is available in for FREE for Veranda Race TNPSC Students.

General studies questions will be available in both Tamil and English.

Questions are prepared from Samacheer Kalvi School Books, old schoolbooks, and Previous & various competitive exam Books and also from the New Books based on the Syllabus and to produce 100% results.

Answer keys for all the Exams will be available in the LMS after the exam. Students will be able to verify the answers along with the explanations and the videos will be updated in the respective courses in the Veranda Learning LMS for Test Series buyers.

The schedule is subjected to change. Keep checking this page for further updates in Schedule.

The full test will be conducted as per TNPSC Norms.

BUY the TNPSC Group 4 TEST Series Now

Please note that after purchasing the TNPSC CCSE – Group 4 2022 Online Mock Test Batch Series, the bought test package will be available at the “LEARN” section in Veranda Race LMS (for Race Offline Students) and in Veranda Learning LMS (for Test Package Buyers).

All the Best for your TNPSC Group IV Examination on 24th July 2022.

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