Documents Required to apply for TNPSC Exams

How to Apply for TNPSC Group 2 Mains Exam?

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TNPSC stands for the Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission. TNPSC conducts exams and interviews to recruit candidates for vacancies and posts in the departments of Tamil Nadu. If you wish to be a public servant working for the Tamil Nadu Government, you must attend the exams conducted by TNPSC. 

Every year, the Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission (TNPSC) organizes the Group 2/2A exams to recruit officials for the Tamil Nadu State Government. Since its inception in 1929, the TNPSC has been operating as an autonomous body under the state government.

It aims to select candidates who want to work in the state’s civil service. The commission oversees these exams for various positions, including the administrative officer, assistant system engineer, and village district educational officer. The candidates are chosen through multiple non-interview and interview roles with TNPSC group 2/2A. 

If you are applying for TNPSC, you need to complete the one-time registration first. Aspirants for TNPSC One-Time Registration must pay a prescribed registration fee online to complete the registration process.

Now, a point to remember here is that the eligibility criteria for every post are different, and you need to apply accordingly. Also, the selection process is different in every case, so you need to keep that in mind as well when applying for TNPSC Group 2/2A.

TNPSC conducts the TNPSC exams every year. Candidates can find the annual TNPSC calendar containing the schedule for various TNPSC Exams on the official website of TNPSC, which contains the name of the TNPSC exams along with the official expected dates. 

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TNPSC Group 2/2A Application Procedure

The application procedure for the TNPSC Group 2/2A is online. Candidates must visit and register on the official TNPSC website. 

Candidates must link their Aadhaar Cards for one-time registration on the TNPSC website before they register for the TNPSC Group 2/2A Examination. The TNPSC one-time registration is valid for five years. Candidates must renew the TNPSC one-time registration after that. A mobile number and an email are necessary for the one-time registration of TNPSC.

During the one-time registration, the candidates must upload a photograph and signature. After registration, candidates can apply for individual TNPSC posts by clicking on ‘APPLY’ next to the official TNPSC post notification. 

Details required during the registration: 

  1. SSLC Registration Number
  2. Certificate Number
  3. Month and Year of Graduation
  4. Medium of Instruction
  5. Name of the Board

Once these details are uploaded, candidates can edit these details only once. Candidates must request the approval of TNPSC to change the details for a second time. They must make these changes before applying for any post.

While applying for a post, the candidates can choose two exam centers. If they have a disability, they only need to choose one. After filling in all the details, the applicant can preview the application form. Then, they can check whether the application requires any changes. If they don’t want to make any changes, they can click the submit button. 

Candidates can pay the application fee for the TNPSC Group 2/2A Exam online through Net Banking, Credit/Debit cards or UPI. Candidates need to ensure that they do not press the refresh or back button throughout the payment process. 

Documents required when applying for TNPSC Group 2/2A

It is going to be a wise decision to have all the documents handy when applying for the TNPSC exam. Here are the documents you will require to enroll yourself for the exam. You must keep all the required documents in both original and scanned form.

  • You will need a colored passport-size photograph with image specifications of 3.5 cm × 4.5cm dimensions in JPEG format and a maximum size of 50 kb.
  • Keep your signature scanned either in black or dark blue or in black ink. The portal accepts the image specifications 6 cm × 3 cm with a size not extending more than 50kb.
  • Next, you will have to submit the evidence of your date of birth (DOB certificate) in JPG or PDF format. The file should be at most 250 kb in size.
  • Moreover, matriculation and HSC certifications are also a must. You can upload a copy of all your educational qualification(s), like B.A or certificate in pdf format. Do remember to keep the file within a maximum size of 2.5 mb.
  • Further, your Aadhaar card is also a must-keep document.

Other documents and certificates you will need are:

  • A copy of the Community Certificate in either PDF or JPG format having a size of a maximum of 250 kb.
  • If applicable, you must submit a copy of the Disability Certificate. The file should again be in PDF or JPG format with a size not exceeding 250 kb.
  • If you are Ex-Servicemen, you need to upload proof of that too, with the exact specifications as previous ones.
  • A category certificate is a must if you fall under a particular category.

In addition, if you choose to pay a fee online, have your debit or credit card ready. Once you have registered, be careful to write down your TNPSC ID.

TNPSC Group 2/2A Exam Preparation

Many institutions provide training for the TNPSC Group 2/2A Exam. Candidates can look for TNPSC class videos, TNPSC live courses and TNPSC study materials or notes from which they can prepare for the TNPSC Group 2/2A Exam. Veranda RACE offers both offline as well as online coaching for TNPSC Group 2/2A Examination. Candidates can purchase books and study materials separately if they wish. 

A lot of practice is necessary for qualifying for the TNPSC Group 2/2A Exam. This exam will test your knowledge of general science, Tamil Nadu history, Tamil Nadu heritage, administration process, mental aptitude, etc. Candidates can find the detailed TNPSC Group 2/2A Exam Syllabus on the official TNPSC website.

TNPSC Group 2 Main Exam Documents: FAQs

  • Q. Is Aadhaar card mandatory for the TNPSC exam?

    Ans. Yes, you must have an Aadhaar to complete One Time Registration and submit an application for direct hiring. If you are thinking of applying for the TNPSC exam but don't have Aadhaar, you must obtain one before registration.

  • Q. Are any positions only available to women?

    Ans. Women are fortunate in this case. The commission has reserved posts for women in the department of social welfare as Assistant Director, Child Development Project officers and many others.

  • Q. For how long is One-Time Registration good?

    Ans. The validity of a one-time registration is five years from the date of registration, and the applicant must reapply once five years have passed by paying the required cost for the one-time registration.

So, if you are preparing to appear for TNPSC Group 2/2A, then along with knowing the documents, you should also be aware of basic TNPSC instructions to candidates, which will help with your basic preparations.

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