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Important General English Questions for IBPS Clerk and IBPS SO Exams – Set 3

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Improvement English Questions for IBPS Clerk and IBPS SO Exams

D.1-10): A sentence or a part of the sentence is highlighted. Four alternatives marked as (a), (b), (c) and (d) are given as substitutions for the highlighted part, one of which will improve the sentence. Choose the correct alternative. In case no improvement is needed, choose the option “No improvement is required” i.e. (e).

Q.1) The Union Finance Ministry has lowered the interest rate with Provident Fund deposits to 8.7 per cent for 2015-16.

  1. a) has lowered the interest rate at b) has lowered the interest rate for
  2. c) has lowered the interest rate on d) has lowered the interests rate of
  3. e) No improvement is required.

Ans: Option c)

Preposition error: ‘Interest rate on’ is the correct form in part b)

Q.2) The Lucknow Bench of the Central Administrative Tribunal, in an interim order in Monday, stayed IPS officer’s suspension and ordered his reinstatement with full salary.

  1. a) in an interim order on Monday b) in an interlining order on Monday
  2. c) in an interim ordered on Monday d) of an interim ordered on Monday
  3. e) No improvement is required.

Ans: Option a)

Preposition error: Day and dates are used with the preposition ‘on’.

Q.3) University officials says the disciplinary measures pertain to “not following university procedures” and “providing misinformation” among other charges.

  1. a) said the discipline measures pertained for b) said the disciplinary measure pertain to
  2. c) said the disciplinary measures pertain to
  3. d) told to the disciplinary measures pertain to
  4. e) No improvement is required.

Ans: Option c)

SVA Error. The subject ‘University officials’ is plural. So its verb also should be plural. So ‘says’ in the highlighted phrase is not correct. It should be replaced by the verb form ‘say’.

But none of the options has `say’ as the starting word.

But the sentence can also be in the simple past tense. So the sentence can also start as “University Officials said”

Option d) is wrong because the verb ‘told’ cannot be followed by a preposition to link with the object.

b)is wrong because instead of ‘measures’ measure is used – measure as a verb means to find out the quantity and as a noun it stands for quantity

Option a) is wrong because the verb ‘pertain ‘ always takes the preposition ‘to

Hence c) is the answer.

Q.4) In an about-turn, India cancelled the visa issued to the exiled Uighur Chinese leader Dolkun Isa.

  1. a) In you-turn b) In an u-turned c) In u-turning d) In turning
  2. e) No improvement is required.

Ans: Option e)

About –turn means complete reversal of one’s position or stand.

“India cancelled …..Dolkun Isa” is correct.

Q.5) Next year, mobile phones sold in India comes with a dedicated ‘panic button’ that can be used to send out a signal in case of distress.

  1. a) sold in India come up with a b) that sells in India will come with a
  2. c) sold in India will came with a d) sold in India will come with a
  3. e) No improvement is required.

Ans: Option d)

Next year” at the beginning of the sentence indicates the sentence should be in future tense. Also the sentence is in the active voice. So the correct verb pattern for future tense is “will+ main verb”. So Option d) is the answer

Q.6) A government source confirmed that the bilateral meeting might include discussions about the Pathankot airbase attack.

  1. a) will include discuss about b) might include discussions on
  2. c) can also includes discussions about d) might included discussions on
  3. e) No improvement is required.

Ans: Option b)

When we use the noun form ‘discussion’ of the verb discuss, technically there is no error in using ‘discussion on’ or ‘discussion about’. They are synonymous.

But ‘discussion on’ is more specific. It implies talking about, exchange of information and sharing of knowledge. But using ‘discussion about’ simply implies that the subject was talked about; nothing more.

Q.7) Citing an IIT-Kanpur study, he said the pollution from cars were a mere five per cent and the Delhi government had failed to address other issues.

  1. a) was a mere five per cent b) were a merely five per cent
  2. c) was a merely five per cents d) are a mere five per cent e) No improvement.

Ans: Option a)

SVA error-Pollution being an uncountable noun is singular.

The highlighted phrase is not correct and should start with ‘was’. Only option a) has this correction.

Q.8) The Seventh Pay Commission found to be inadequate the justifications offered by the Ministries for these allowances.

  1. a) found to inadequate the justifications offering
  2. b) found that inadequate the justifications offered
  3. c) found inadequate the justifications offered
  4. d) found to be cinadequate at justifications offered
  5. e) No improvement is required.

Ans: Option c)

‘Found to be inadequate’ is in the passive form.

If a supporting verb ‘was’ is added after ‘commission’ it would be an absurd sentence. Moreover, “the justifications…….allowances” would be a hanging noun phrase.

So the highlighted phrase in passive form in this sentence is wrong.

If we remove ‘to be’ we get a sentence in active voice ”The Seventh ……

… found inadequate “ which is the only clause. The object of the verb is “the justifications…….allowances” is a noun phrase. This is correct. So c) is the answer.

Q.9) Rejecting the punishment awarded to students by the varsity administration, the JNUSU is now planning to hold a protest on Tuesday.

  1. a) Rejected the punishment awarding to b) Reject the punishment that awarded some c) Rejecting for the punishment awarded to d) Rejected the punishment awarded by e) No improvement is required.

Ans: Option e )

“Rejecting the ………administration” is participial phrase which qualifies the subject ‘the JNUSU’ . There is no error in this participial phrase.

“the JNUSU” is now planning to hold a protest on Tuesday” is the only clause in the sentence.

It is also error-free.

Q.10) The video evidence they discuss about has been proved fake and the Delhi government has filed cases against TV channels.

  1. a) talk about has been prove fake b) talk about has been proved fake
  2. c) discussed about has been proven fake
  3. d) discussion has been proved to be fake e) No improvement is required.

Ans: Option b)

“they discuss about” is an appositive adjective clause modifying the subject “The video evidence”.

There is an error in this clause “ they discuss about”.

‘Discuss’ means ‘talk about’. Moreover ‘discuss’ is a transitive verb which does not require a preposition to link with its object. So using another preposition ‘about’ after ‘discuss’ is wrong. .

There is no option containing simply ‘discuss’.

So we can use the options with ‘talk about’.

Option a) is wrong in the use of the verb form ‘prove’ in the passive form

Option b) is right

Answer Key: 1. (c) 2. (a) 3. (c) 4. (e) 5. (d) 6. (b) 7. (a) 8. (c) 9. (e) 10. (b)

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