Dos and Don’ts of Group Discussion (Tips To Crack Any GD)

25 Best Group Discussion Etiquettes

Do’s and Don’ts during Group Discussion​.
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Do’s and Don’ts during Group Discussion

In this article we will be discussing more about the do’s & don’ts of GD, how to prepare for GD and the correct etiquette’s one should adopt while participating in a group discussion. In spite of knowing these certain things students still commit some fatal mistakes. These mistakes may seem insignificant and invalid sometimes but they play a very important role in their corporate life.

How we speak and treat others may seem natural to us but can be misinterpreted as arrogance by the panellists. This is something in our character and nothing can fix it except our own efforts.

So let us start by identifying some of the common mistakes that we make in a group discussion.

Group Discussion Rule of Thumb

Body language plays a vital role in Group Discussion. You should maintain Eye Contact with the person you are talking to is more important.

17 Dos of Group Discussion

Here’s a 17 list of dos of group discussions you can check to perform exceptionally well in your Group Discussion.

1. How you are entering into the topic is very important. Your ultimate aim is to get into the discussion. Express the content clearly and try to construct the sentences before speaking. So plan your strategies and make your points meaningful.

2. Use the valuable timing in your turn, otherwise you will never get the time to prove yourself. Use your presence of mind at any cost.

3. Be confident with your point, and give your honest response.

4. Positive thinker and is well aware of his strengths.

5. You should have ability to lead the team, gives fair chance speak others. The person who has to give way to what a whole group thinks or he has to win over the group with his way of thinking.

6. One who introduce points where everyone is willing to speak upon.

7. Good listener and whose receptive power is good.

8. Be enthusiastic but self controlled, ready to adapt and cooperate.

9. Everyone knows how to communicate but one is in need to bring effective communication to bring good impression.

10. Remember you should not wait for our chance because that will be taken by any other person.

11. Get into the situation fully as per discussion is demanding. Keep one thing in mind that you are not there merely to participate rather you have to provide effective participation.

12. When you find that group is deviating from track of discussion it’s your responsibility to bring discussion back on track.

13. Always be Positive with your Attitude

14. Never lose your temper at any situation.

15. One should know how to present the point to make others clear. A person may not be convinced with others point of view but at the same time he is putting his own view point and remain stick to that which means not open to others point.

16. Co-ordination is important in GD. Give Chance to others and make others to understand their points.

17. Team spirit. You are a participant but you should behave friendly with other team member..

7 Mistakes You Must Avoid In A Group Discussion

Here are some 8 common mistakes that you should avoid in the group discussion

1. Don’t be arrogant with your views and points.

2. Don’t use offending words while contradicting.

3. Conscious about the fact that he is been constantly observed.

4. Don’t give your personal opinion or suggestions in the topic.

5. Don’t give any approximate data’s regarding to the topic, if it’s wrong it will create a bad impression on you.

6. Don’t go to the irrelevant points

7. Speaking frequently and loudly cannot make you through discussion. You have to be logical with your approach and quality of the content.

8. Don’t finger point others while delivering your points.

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