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How to Crack Competitive Exams In Your First Attempt?

Though the recent COVID-19 pandemic has affected the growth of India, the demand for new jobs has not declined. Likewise, the increasing demand for competitive exams in India has also not decreased. 

Millions of students in India appear for competitive exams every year for recruitment of vacancies in Banking, SSC, various State Public Service Commissions (PSCs) and other premier Indian government organisations. The competition for the vacancies in these competitive exams is already sky-high and will only continue to escalate in the upcoming years. 

Preparing for these competitive exams is always not a bed of roses and includes dedicated preparation and hard work from the students who prepare for these competitive exams. 

Competitive exams like Bank, UPSC, SSC, RRB, Insurance and other exams are usually not for the timid. To crack any competitive exam, drafting a definitive learning strategy or perfect exam plan is one of the crucial parts of the exam preparation for numerous exams like SSC, UPSC, IBPS, RRB, MAT, CAT, XAT, UGC, etc. 

Some students crack the competitive exams during their first attempt, aided by impeccable exam strategy, judiciously learning from accomplished teachers, slogging through odd hours with steadfast dedication and focused exam preparation par distractions. 

A large number of students usually appear for all these competitive examinations, but only limited vacancies are announced every year. This particular factor makes the competition for these vacancies very high. Some of the quintessential steps on how to crack any competitive exam in your first attempt are given below:

  • You need to know everything about that particular exam that you intend to crack and the requirements that the exam requires from you.
  • Search for the study materials for that particular that matches the exam syllabus and compile them to formulate a study planner.
  • Draft a study timetable for every day without fail and a failproof exam strategy. Follow the study timetable and build your exam strategy more foolproof sincerely on a day-to-day basis.
  • Attend daily quizzes and practice mock tests and sectional tests often to put your exam preparation to the test.

How to Crack any Competitive Exam?

To achieve an exam on their first attempt is a dream for every student preparing for competitive exams. But, it is not always a piece of cake indeed. It is also not as hard as climbing Mount Everest. 

With the right determined mindset, focused exam preparation and steadfast dedication, students can clear any competitive exam in their first attempt. 

Here are the steps in detail on how to crack any competitive exam in their first attempt:

1. Learn About the Exam

Getting to know what the competitive exam entails is always the first and foremost step in cracking any competitive exam. This particular thing remains as the most ignored thing among students. 

Learning about the competitive exam is a crucial factor in cracking any competitive exam. Every student should know about the aim and goal of the competitive exam before jumping into the preparation. 

The syllabus for that particular competitive exam should be studied well to know the exam pattern, weightage of questions from each section and the type of questions that are asked in the examination (samples of the types of questions could be checked from the previous year’s question papers). Knowing the exam syllabus of the particular competitive exam in detail will help you to crack the competitive exam with relative ease.

2. Draft and Follow Your Own Exam Timetable

Drafting an exam timetable is one of the essential parts of exam preparation. Unless students draft an exam timetable to schedule their preparation journey for a particular competitive exam, they cannot develop an interest in studying in a steadfast manner for the exam. 

Timetables will help you concentrate your focus on every subject and allot the correct time for every subject. Draft your exam timetable according to your mental state and energy. 

Be more pragmatic while drafting the exam timetable and refrain from setting impractical targets during your exam preparation journey. Allocate time for breaks and let go of the exam pressure. Allot time for daily revisions and more time to study difficult subjects that require more attention. 

Be mentally prepared to fail many times while following your exam timetable because it is not easy to follow it in the presence of many distractions. But students need not lose hope. They need to believe in themselves and repeat that they can crack this exam whatsoever. If at all you are unable to focus on the exam timetable, remind yourself of the purpose for which you started it in the first place.

3. Build Your Knowledge on Basics

A base is essential, be it a building or a subject. A base is particularly significant for building your knowledge on important concepts. 

Basics on any subject are the ones that will help you to construct new ideas and strategies. So, learn the basics first in everything as it is essential while preparing for any competitive exam. The basics carve the concepts in your mind and make the learning process very easy. 

Students sometimes memorize the basics instead of clearly understanding them. This will not help your exam preparation in any way and will only hamper your chances of cracking the exam. 

Preparing handwritten study notes for the basic concepts will also help you revise for the competitive exam.

4. Self-evaluate and Practice Regularly

Self-evaluation is an important part of your exam preparation. Assessing yourself at regular intervals gives you a clear picture of the areas where you lack and need to improve. 

Practise extensive mock tests and previous year’s question papers and evaluate them yourself. This will help you to correct the wrong answers and show where you went wrong in that particular question. Visualise yourself sitting in the examination hall, writing the test and trying to complete it within the time duration. This will also help you erase the exam fears and write the competitive exam with renewed confidence.

5. Be Physically and Mentally Fit and Healthy

You cannot enjoy anything if you are not healthy. Competitive exams drain your energy more. So, do not forget to eat healthy food to remain physically fit to study with focus. Else you may end up falling sick and losing your precious time during your preparation. While taking care of your health, we should also not neglect the human body’s powerhouse, i.e. the mind.

Exercise and meditate regularly to increase your concentration power. This will help you to focus on the competitive exam. This will also help you to keep your mind active and fresh. 

Try to avoid all kinds of negativities and surround yourself with positive people and thoughts. Do not stress yourself because it will not help you in any way and destroy whatever you have learned so far, making your mind blank.

Ending Note:

Don’t overstress about how to crack any competitive exam. Take hints from various authentic sources and success stories of successful candidates and put them into your thoughts to turn them into actions. 

Many students follow different tips on how to crack any competitive exam. The internet is filled with tips and tricks for every competitive exam, but in the end, you are the one who will decide to choose the necessary steps that will help you to crack the competitive exam on your first attempt. So choose them wisely. 

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