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The Superlatives of India (Largest, Highest, Biggest, etc)

The Superlatives Place
The longest Bridge Above Water Dhola–Sadiya Bridge or Bhupen Hazarika Setu (9.15 km.)
The largest animal Fair Sonepur (Bihar)
The largest Auditorium Sri Shanmukhananda Hall (Mumbai, Maharashtra)
The highest Dam Tehri dam (Uttarakhand)
The largest Desert Thar (Rajastan)
The largest cave Temple Kailash Temple (Ellora, Maharashtra)
The largest Zoological Park Vandalur Zoo (1300 Acres)
The largest Mosque Jama Masjid (Delhi)
The highest peak Kangchenjunga (8, 586m)
The longest Tunnel Pir panjal tunnel
The largest Delta Sundarbans (W. Bengal)
The State with maximum forest area Madhya Pradesh (77, 522 sq kms)
The longest Corridor Ramanathaswamy Temple of Rameswaram (Tamil Nadu)
The highest Waterfall Nohkalikai waterfall (Meghalaya)
The longest Road Grand Trunk Road (Kolkata to Delhi)
The highest Gate way Buland Darwaza, Fatehpur Sikri (U.P)
The longest River The Ganges (2525 km. long)
The largest museum Indian museum, Kolkata
The largest Dome Gol Gumbaz, Bijapur (in Karnataka)
The Tallest Statue Statue of Unity, Gujarat ( 182m)
The largest Public Sector Bank State Bank of India
The Biggest Cantilever Bridge Rabindra Setu or Howrah Bridge (Kolkata)
The longest Canal Indira Gandhi Canal or Rajasthan Canal (Rajasthan)
The longest Railway platform Gorakhpur, UP
The Biggest Stadium Yuva Bharti (Salt Lake) Stadium Kolkata (Football)
The most popular city Mumbai (Maharashtra)
The Longest Passenger Train Route Dibrugarh to Kanyakumari
The Oldest Church St. Thomas Church at Palayer, Thrissur (Kerela)
The longest National Highway NH 44 (Srinagar to Kanyakumari) (3, 745 km)
The State with longest Coast Line Gujarat
The Highest Lake Chho lhamu lake (north Sikim)
The largest Saline water Lake Sambhar lake, Rajasthan
The largest freshwater Lake wular Lake
The Largest Cave Amarnath (J & K)
The longest river of Southern India Godawari
The longest Dam Hirakud Dam (Orissa)
The highest Gallantry Award Param Vir Chakra (Military) & Ashok Chakra (highest peace time gallantry honour)
The highest Award Bharat Ratna
The biggest Church Saint Cathedral at old Goa (Goa)
The Southern Indian State with Longest Coastline Andhra Pradesh
The Longest Sea Beach Marina Beach (Chennai)
The Highest Road Road at Khardungla, (in Leh –Manali Sector)
The largest artificial Lake Govind Sagar (Bhakhra Nangal)
The deepest River Valley Bhagirathi and Alaknanda
The largest River without Delta Narmada
The biggest river Island Majuli Brahmputra river, (Assam)
The largest Planetarium Birla Planetarium
The Highest Airport Leh Airport (Ladakh)
The Largest state in area Rajasthan (3,42,239
The Smallest state in area Goa (3,

Superlatives of the World

S. N. Superlatives Location
1 Largest Park National Park, Greenland
2 Largest Bird Ostrich
3 Largest Railway Bridge Chenab Bridge
4 Largest Big-ship Canal St. Laurence Seaway (USA and Canada)
5 Largest Continent Asia
6 Largest City in Population Tokyo
7 Largest Country in population China
8 Largest Country in area Russia
9 Largest Coral Formation The Great Barrier Reef (Australia)
10 Largest dam Three Gorges Dam, China
11 Largest Delta Sundarbans, India (8000 sq. miles)
12 Largest Desert (world) Sahara, Africa (84, 00, 000sq. km)
13 Largest Diamond The Cullman
14 Largest Island Green Land
15 Largest Lake (Artificial) Kariba dam, Zimbabwe
16 Largest Platform (Railway) Grand Central Terminal, New York
17 Largest Seabird Albatross
18 Largest Sea (inland) Mediterranean
19 Largest Lake (Fresh water) Lake Superior, U.S.A.
20 Largest Lake (Saltwater) Caspian Sea
21 Largest Mosque Masjid al-Haram., Mecca
22 Largest Planet Jupiter
23 Largest Palace Imperical Palace (Beijing) China
24 Largest Peninsula Arabia
25 Largest Asian desert Gobi, Mangolia
26 Largest Democracy India
27 Largest Neck Animal Giraffe
27 Largest Animal of the Cat Family Liger
28 Largest Mammal Blue Whale
29 Largest Stadium Rungrado May Stadium , North Korea
30 Largest Temple Angkor Vat (Combodia)
31 Largest Diamond Mine Yubileyny diamond mine, Russia
32 Largest River (Volume) Amazon, Brazil
33 Largest Land Animal African Bush Elephant
34 Largest Valcano Mauna Loa (Hawaii)
35 Largest Bay Hudson Bay (Canada)
36 Largest Gulf Gulf of Maxico
37 Largest River Basin Amazon basin
38 Largest Gorge Grand Canyon (on the Colorado river)
39 Biggest Cinema House Roxy (New York)
40 Biggest City in area Mount Isa, Queensland, Australia
41 Biggest Museum British Museum (London)
42 Biggest Flower Raffesia (Java)
43 Deepest and Biggest Ocean The Pacific
44 Smallest Bird Hummingbird
45 Smallest Contient Australia
46 Smallest Planet Mercury
47 The tallest Animal on Land Girafee
48 Tallest Building Burj Khalifa, Dubai in U.A.E.
49 Tallest Minaret (Free standing) Qutub Minar, Delhi
50 Tallest minaret Great Hassan Mosque, Casablance, Morocco
51 Tallest Statue Statue of Liberty (150 ft.)
52 Tallest Statue (bronze) Bronze Statue Lord Buddha, Tokyo
53 Highest City Wen Chuan (Tibet, China)
54 Highest Country Tibet
55 Highest Lake Titicaca (Bolivia)
56 Highest Melting Point Tungsten
57 Highest Waterfall Salto Angel Falls (Venezuela)
58 Highest Plateau Pamir (Tibet)
59 Highest Valcano Ojos del Salado, Angentine-Chile
60 Highest Mountain Peak (world) Everest (Nepal)
61 Highest Straight Dam Bhakhra Dam
62 Longest Day June 21 (in Northern Hemisphere)
63 Longest Platform (Railway) Gorakhpur (U.P.) India (1355.4 m)
64 Longest Railway Trans-Siberian Railway (6000 miles)
65 Longest River Nile (6690 km)
66 Longest River Dam Hirakud Dam (India) 15.8 miles
67 Longest Mountain Range Andes (S. America)
68 Longest Swimming Course English Channel
69 Longest Wall Great Wall of China
70 Longest Lifespan of an Animal Giant tortoise (190 to 200 years)
71 Longest wing spread bird Albatross
72 Longest Strait Tartar Straits
73 Longest Animal Blue whale
74 Longest jump Animal Kangaroo
75 Longest Poisonous Snake King Kobra
76 Shortest Day Dec. 22 (in Northern Hemisphere)
78 fastest Bird Swift
79 Fastest Dog Persian grey hound
80 Fastest Animal Cheetah ( Leopard )
81 Hardest Substance Diamond
82 Coldest Place or Region Vostok (Antarctica)
83 Driest Place Death Valley (California)
84 Hottest Place (world) Death Valley (California), 56.7 °C
85 Brightest and Hottest Planet (also nearest to Earth) Venus
86 Farthest Planet (from the sun) Neptune
87 Nearest Planet (to the sun) Mercury
88 Busiest Port Rotterdam (the Netherlands)
89 Brightest Star Sirius
90 Deepest Lake Baikal (Siberia)
91 Broadest Strait Davis Strait (Canada)
92 Narrowest Strait Chliks (45 yards)
93 World’s Rainiest spot Cherrapunji, India
94 Lightest Gas Hydrogen
95 Lightest Metal Lithium
96 Most Intelligent Animal Chimpanzee
97 Bird that never makes its nest Chckoo
98 Wingless Bird Kiwi
99 Reptile which changes its colours Chameleon
100 Slowest Animal Snail
101 Domestic Dog Irish Wolf Hound

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