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Free Monthly Magazine for TNPSC Exams - Downlaod Now

TNPSC (Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission) is the apex institution in Tamil Nadu which handles the recruitment process for the Tamil Nadu Government. All the important posts in the Tamil Nadu Government will be filled through TNPSC.

Recently TNPSC has revealed that more than 10000+ Vacancies for various posts will be filled through TNPSC & TNUSRB & TNFUSRC.

Current Affairs is one of the important sections which accounts for 15-20 marks in the TNPSC Exams and is one of the easiest scoring parts in the TNPSC Exams apart from the Language part which consists of English & Tamil.

Even in the recently conducted TNPSC Forest Apprentice Exam 2018 – 88% of the Questions (i.e) 30/34 Questions asked in the exam were directly from our Brahma Magazine.

This shows the excellence and the hard work of our TNPSC R&D who are the BRAHMAs of the BRAHMA Magazine. Our TNSPC R&D have compiled all the important happenings happened in the month of November in this month BRAHMA Magazine.


International (சர்வதேசம்)

National (இந்தியா)

Sports (விளையாட்டு)

Economics (பொருளாதாரம்)

Appointments (நியமனங்கள்)

Events (நிகழ்வுகள்)

Awards (விருதுகள்)

Scheme (திட்டங்கள்)

Important Days (முக்கியமான நாட்கள்)

Science & Technology (அறிவியல் (ம) தொழில்நுட்பம்)

Exercise (பயிற்சி)

Books (புத்தகங்கள்)

Constant & Thorough preparation is the key to crack the TNPSC Exams and we are providing ways to boost your preparation to the next level.

Moreover, many notifications will be announced in the forthcoming days, and starting your preparations now will help you to concentrate on other Subjects. If you are looking for an 
affordable TNPSC coaching in Chennai, then enquire with Race Institute today.

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