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IBPS PO Spotting Error Sentence Improvement Qns 4

IBPS PO Spotting Error Sentence Improvement Question and answer 4 for students to score more marks
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New Pattern General English Questions for IBPS PO

D.1-5): In each of the following sentences there are two blank spaces. Below each sentence, there are five pairs of words denoted by options (a), (b), (c), (d) and (e). Find out which pair of words can be filled up in the blank spaces in the sentences in the same sequence to make the sentence meaningfully complete and mark your answer accordingly.

Q.1) Even before entering a forest, one requires the _______ to accept its biodiversity and needs the basic ________ on dealing with wild animals, Mr. Kannan said.

  1. a) fortified, instinct
  2. b) patience, locality
  3. c) supervision, formality
  4. d) guidance, format
  5. e) mindset, information

Ans: Option e)

The first blank requires a noun and that is related to mental faculty because the verb following is to `accept’. Option a) is eliminated because `fortified’ is an adjective. `supervision’ and `guidance’ are external to the person and do not come under the words related to the mental faculty or cognizance. Only b) and e) are possible. The second word `locality’ does not fit for the second blank space as it makes the second part of the sentence meaningless. So e) is the only option left.

Q.2) The animal, considered an aggressive tusker among the ______ elephants of Kerala, remains ______ to a coconut tree hardly 100 metres away from the swamp.

  1. a) precarious, smashed
  2. b) menacing, rammed
  3. c) captive, chained
  4. d) threatening, plunged
  5. e) endangered, crashed

Ans: Option c)

The second part of the sentence implies that the statement is about an elephant tied to a coconut tree. The only word available is `chained’.

Q.3) The fall of Dilma Rousseff from being one of the most popular politicians to an ________, is much more than a story of a “corrupt” President being ________of her powers by a righteous legislature.

  1. a) impeached, stripped
  2. b) implicated, scam
  3. c) charged, corrupted
  4. d) potent, powerful
  5. e) indicted, released

Ans: Option a)

The second part implies that a corrupt President faces restriction of powers or removal from his position or a forcible ouster. The only option available is `stripped’ which means removal of the right to exercise/ possess something which was given earlier.

If we start with the first blank space, we need an adjective with vowel sound because to as a preposition should be followed by a noun or noun substitute which includes a noun phrase. Here an ______ (the politician is implied). The only two options are a) and b). But second blank space requires a past participle form of the verb as it is in the passive voice. So the only option for the second blank space is `stripped’ between a) and b)

Q.4) Numerous_________ have remarked upon the _______distribution of medical personnel with over 75% of doctors in urban areas where only a third of the people live.

  1. a) announcers, twisted
  2. b) interpreters, vast
  3. c) specialists, turned
  4. d) commentators, skewed
  5. e) correspondences, sweeping

Ans: Option d)

The sentence refers to an imbalance in the distribution of doctors between urban and rural areas. The word `skewed’ is the only adjective to give this meaning.

Q.5) Studies of infrastructure have long recognized that the way infrastructures assemble and _______ also create path dependencies that newer advances will _______ and build upon.

  1. a) reaffirm, took
  2. b) evolve, inherit
  3. c) demolish, inhibit
  4. d) strengthen, flatten
  5. e) uphold, vindicate

Ans: Option b)

First blank space requires a basic form of the verb, giving a meaning of growth, development, progress etc. The word demolish is negative. The words reaffirm and uphold are related to communication and not physical structures. We are left with option b and d. For the second blank space `inherit’ is meaningful. Inherit and build upon means get something and develop it.

D.6-10): Which of the words/ phrases (a), (b), (c) and (d) given below should replace the words/ phrases given in bold in the following sentences to make it meaningful and grammatically correct? If the sentence is correct as it is and ‘No improvement is required’, mark (e) as the answer.

Q.6) The plan is now to provide training to women mountaineers for achieve the aim of send at least one climber from south India to Mount Everest, he said.

  1. a) to achieve the aim of sent
  2. b) to achieve the aim of sending
  3. c) for achieving at the aim of sending
  4. d) for achieved at the aim of send
  5. e) No improvement is required.

Ans: Option b)

The sentence` The plan is ……………………… Mount Everest’ has the object clause `to provide …… Mount Everest’ In this clause, `training’ is direct object and `women mountaineers’ is indirect object and `for……. Everest’ and adverbial phrase. Both `for’ and `of’ should be followed by nouns – here achieving and sending.

None of the options provide this substitution. In option a `for’ is followed by a past tense verb. In

  1. c) the verb achieving should directly take the object aim but `to’ is wrongly placed between the verb and object. In d) both prepositions are followed by wrong words. Option b) an infinitive phrase is correctly worded.

Q.7) The purpose of medical education is to trained medical personality to handle the medical care needs of the country.

  1. a) in to train medical personnel to handle b) to train medical personnel for handled
  2. b) to train medical personnel for handled
  3. c) to train medical personnel to handle
  4. d) for training medical personnel over handle
  5. e) No improvement is required.

Ans: Option c)

The highlighted phrase starts the description of the subject `purpose’. But `to’ should be followed by basic form of verb. Only b) and c) have this. But in b) `for’ is followed by past participle form of verb which is wrong. We need only a noun. So option c) is the right replacement.

Q.8) To understand Ms. Rousseff’s fall, one has to look instead at the complex layers of Brazil’s polity.

  1. a) one will be looked instead of
  2. b) one has looked forward to
  3. c) one has to look instead with
  4. d) one have to look instead in
  5. e) No improvement is required.

Ans: Option e)

The sentence is correct.

Q.9) Permitting private medical education is clear a concession for powerful pressure groups who sought to circumvent the difficult entry barriers to medical education by buying their way.

  1. a) was clearly a concession to powerful
  2. b) were clear a concessional to powerful
  3. c) was clearly a concessionary to powerful
  4. d) is clearly a concessional to powerful
  5. e) No improvement is required.

Ans: Option a)

The phrase ` a concession for powerful pressure groups’ is a noun phrase acting as subject complement. How it is? It is very clear. So clear should come as adverb `clearly’. We can have both `is clearly’ or `was clearly’. Only options a) and d) have this form. But in d) instead of the noun concession there is an adjective concessional which is wrong.

Q.10) Those who are the most vulnerable and poor ends up bearing the brunt of the burden of climate change and mal-development, which together operate to worsen impacts.

  1. a) the poorest end up bearing the burdens of the brunt
  2. b) poorer ending up bear the brunt of the burdens
  3. c) most poor end ups bearing the brunt of the burdens
  4. d) the poorest end up bearing the brunt of the burdens
  5. e) No improvement.

Ans: Option d)

We should have superlative form of adjective `poor’. Moreover in matching with plural subject `those’ the verb should be `end’ not `ends’

Only options a) and d) are available. In option a) `burdens of the brunt’ is wrong usage. It should be brunt of the burden which means the main responsibility or pressure from the burden.

Answer Key: 1. (e) 2. (c) 3. (a) 4. (d) 5. (b) 6. (b) 7. (c) 8. (e) 9. (a) 10. (d)

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