SSC CGL Vs Bank PO: Which is Better Career Option?

SSC CGL Vs Bank PO: Which one is better Career Option?

For most job aspirants today, out of all the different industries in the country, the banking sector has been a top choice. Even in the banking sector, employment with the government is an exciting opportunity. Among the numerous categories and job roles available to explore in the banking sector, SSC CGL and Bank PO job positions are always in demand.

Both the job titles SSC CGL or Staff Selection Commission- Combined Graduate Level and Bank PO or Bank Probationary Officer offer a high potential for career growth, impressive salary packages, opportunities for promotion and much more. However, to qualify, you need to complete the necessary exams associated with SSC CGL and Bank PO. To understand the key similarities and differences between these two, continue reading this article to get a better understanding of which job is better between SSC CGL and Bank PO? 


One of the most common questions that keep popping into every candidate’s mind is the Better Career option: Bank PO or SSC CGL. Yes,  Both are Government Jobs, Both have their own merits and demerits. SSC CGL job profile includes traveling, inspections, surveillance, raids, and other activities where as a Bank PO directly deals with the customer. Physical Test is mandatory for the SSC CGL post while Bank PO does not require such tests.  Even though there are so many differences in the profile, there is one similarity between SSC CGL and Bank PO. It is nothing but the similarity in the Syllabus.

Are you aware that those who appear for the bank exams can also appear for the central govt exams too with the same preparation? Yes, they can as both have a lot of things in common in terms of their syllabus, but yeah both are distinct from each other too. Many of the candidates are planning to attend the upcoming exams in both nationalized bank and central govt exams with the release of recent recruitment notifications. The vacancies are increasing at an exponential rate and the competition is increasing day by day. One preparation can help you write the nationalized bank and central government. exams 

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General Eligibility Criteria of SSC CGL and Bank PO

The qualification for job roles between SSC CGL and Bank PO requires students to understand the general eligibility criteria for both and prepare accordingly to increase the chances of securing a job in either of these two particular banking roles. With the help of the information provided below, you will be able to make a more informed decision regarding which job is more suitable as per your need and requirement between SSC CGL and Bank PO, in terms of exams to practice for.

Important Criteria Pointers

Bank PO


Exam conducting bodies



Levels in the selection process



Age brackets

Minimum age 20 years and maximum age 30 years

Minimum age 18 years and maximum age 30 years

Nationality preferences

For IBPS- India, Nepal, and Bhutan                                 For SBI- India


Educational requirements

Bachelor’s degree

Bachelor’s degree


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SSC CGL Vs Bank PO Syllabus

Bank and SSC syllabus is similar in terms of subjects that includes (Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning Ability, English, and General Awareness) in common.  The syllabus differs slightly when compared in terms of topics and the difficulty level of the exam depends upon various sections.  Let u have a 

Quantitative Aptitude or Numerical Aptitude

Common Quant topic in ssc Banking

Unique Quant Topics in SSC

Unique Quant Topics in Banking

·       Number Series

·       Percentages

·       Profit & Loss

·       Partnership

·       Averages

·       Ratio and proportion

·       Mixture and Allegations

·       Time and Work

·       Geometry

·       Algebra

·       Trigonometry

·       Coordinate Geometry

·       Mensuration

·       Quadratic Equations

·       Data Sufficiency



Common English Topics in SSC and Banking

Unique English Topics in SSC

Unique English Topics in Banking  

·   Fill in the blanks

·      Reading Comprehension

·   Synonym/Antonym

·   Spotting Errors

·   Idiom/Phrase

·   Spelling Mistakes

·   One word substitution


·   Para jumbles

·   Cloze Test



General Intelligence & Reasoning

Common General Intelligence & Reasoning Topics in SSC and Banking

Unique General Intelligence & Reasoning Topics in SSC

Unique General Intelligence & Reasoning Topics in Banking  

·       Coding Decoding

·       Critical Reasoning

·       Direction Sense

·       Blood Relations

·       Mathematical Operators

·       Logical Venn Diagrams

·       Visual Reasoning

·       Word Matrix

·       Analogy

·       Odd One out

·       Analytical Reasoning

·       Syllogisms

·       Inequalities

·       Input-Output

·       Data Sufficiency

General Awareness

Common General Awareness Topics in SSC and Banking

Unique General Awareness Topics in SSC

Unique General Awareness Topics in Banking  

·       Current Affairs

·       Day to Day GK

·       Important Abbreviations

·       Computer Literacy

·       Indian polity

·       General Science

·       Indian Economy

·       Geography

·       History

·       Awards, important dates

·       Sports, Famous personalities etc.

·       Banking and Financial Awareness

·       Computer awareness




Common job postings under SSC CGL and Bank PO

Both the SSC CGL and Bank PO conduct national-level examinations to list out and narrow down the potential candidates amongst the multiple applicants. Let us individually look into the types of job postings under SSC CGL and the top banks that recruit for Bank PO jobs with the exam scores below. 

Banks Probationary Officer recruitment Deatils

The exams conducted for the job role of Bank PO are a combined effort of the Institute of Banking Personnel Selection and the State Bank of India. With the help of these exams, candidates are successfully examined and evaluated for further recruitment.  10,000 + PO job vacancy (Both SBI & IBPS) are announced by both IBPS and SBI last year . One important thing to remember is if you complete the SBI PO exam, you are only qualified to get recruitment by the State Bank of India. However, with the help of the IBPS PO exam, you qualify to apply to the below-mentioned banks:

  • Punjab and Sind Bank
  • Indian Bank
  • Canara Bank
  • Bank of Baroda
  • Bank of India
  • UCO Bank
  • Union Bank of India
  • Bank of Maharashtra
  • Punjab National Bank
  • Indian Overseas Bank
  • Central Bank of Ind

SSC CGL Job Recruitment Details

With the help of the SSC CGL examination, the Staff Selection Commission- Combined Graduate Level recruits over 20,000 candidates to fill in the vacancies for the below-mentioned job roles and posts directly under the Government of India, in respective departments and ministries. The list below includes the following positions:

  • Sub Inspector
  • Assistant Superintendent
  • Accountant
  • Auditor
  • Inspector Of Income Tax
  • Assistant Section Officer
  • Assistant Audit Officer
  • Assistant Enforcement Officer
  • Junior Statistical Officer
  • Tax Assistant
  • Assistant Accounts Officer
  • Divisional Accountant
  • Upper Divisions Clerk, etc.

Potential job responsibilities under SSC CGL and Bank PO

In order to decide which job is better between SSC CGL and Bank PO, it is important to know the key responsibilities that need commitment and dedication for completion. For a better understanding, let us discuss each job profile’s requirements. Along with this, let us also look at the potential work pressure and the required office hours for each job profile to make a more informed and favorable decision for yourself. 

Bank PO responsibilities

The main job responsibilities of a probationary officer at a bank include carrying out customer services, complete management and control of customer accounts, and supervision and management of all cash-related activities. 

SSC CGL responsibilities

For a candidate recruited with the help of the SSC CGL exam, the key responsibilities include overlooking general administration activities, filing all necessary work-related reports and documents, carrying out and supervising all raids, inspections, etc., and participating in fieldwork.

Comparison between multiple job aspects between SSC CGL and Bank PO

When deciding which job profile to favour when it comes to choosing either SSC CGL or Bank PO, knowing the job responsibilities are important but it is crucial to be aware of the expected salary packages and working hours. Along with this, the possibility of transfers, promotions, etc., are also important factors for further consideration.

Here are some key pointers to remember when deciding between both these jobs.


Bank PO


Salary packages

A salary range of a minimum Rs.38,000 to Rs.48,000/ monthly

Depending on the post and level, a salary range of minimum Rs.33,675 to Rs.70,716/ monthly

Work details

More work-life balance


Need for regular customer interaction

Better work-life balance


No customer interaction required


High work pressure


Seasonal work pressure hikes during month-ends, the quarter ends and at times, the year ends

Low work pressure


No seasonal work pressure hike

Working hours

Typical six days working/ week

Only five days working/ week

Requirement for training

Rigorous training sessions are necessary before starting a job

No training sessions required


Potential transfer every 2-3 years, based on promotion and level

Potential transfer every 4-5 years, based on government department requirements

Need for overtime

Extra hours might be needed during post office hours

No need for extra hours post daily job

Scope of promotion

Faster promotions usually every 2-3 years


The highest positions achieved include CMD or CEO

Slower promotions usually every 4-5 years


No opportunity for a secretary position to the Government of India

Final Thoughts: Bank PO Vs SSC CGL

When it comes to the final decision about which job is better between SSC CGL and Bank PO, there is no correct answer as the final decision lies on two important things, firstly the eligibility criteria and secondly the exam scores. Preparing for either of the examinations and securing optimal marks to qualify is not easy.

Regardless of the choice, you make between SSC CGL and Bank PO, you need to give yourself enough time to prepare for the examination, while also familiarizing yourself with the other important job responsibilities. The banking sector offers a wide range of benefits to all employees. Keeping that in mind, it is crucial to begin preparation as early as possible and the convenient way to do it is through online classes. It will help you manage your time better and enjoy better attention and focus, which are key to success.

It is never too late to begin to analyze the above-mentioned information and research more regarding SSC CGL and Bank PO to make the final decision about which job you wish to pursue. Once done, start exam preparation today to increase your chances of securing your dream job.


  • Q. Is SSC CGL and bank PO has the same syllabus ?

    Ans: There are a lot of similarities in the syllabus of SSC and Banking exams, but many differences are also there. To Know more, read the above Veranda Race blog.

  • Q. . Is it possile to study both CGL and Bank PO together?

    Ans: Yes it is possible to study SSC CGL and Bank PO together as 75% of syllabus is same for both bank and ssc

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