Mistakes to Avoid in IBPS SO Specialist Officer Interview 2023

Mistakes to Avoid in IBPS SO Interview 2023

Mistakes to avoid in IBPS SO Specialist Officer Interview
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Common Mistakes to Avoid : IBPS SO Interview 2023

Dear RACE Students and followers,

Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) is about to finalize the candidates for the placement of Specialist Officer vacancies through a Personal Interview. Institute of Banking Personnel Selection released the IBPS SO Interview Call Letter on 17th February 2023 for the recruitment of IBPS Specialist Officers. The Interview for the IBPS SO shortlisted candidates to be conducted in the month of Feb – March 2023 as per the official sources.  Be prepared for IBPS SO  Real Interview and we, veranda Race have listed some of the tips and tricks to impress the IBPS SO  interview panel. Read further to know what are mistakes candidates should avoid in the IBPS SO interview. 

IBPS SO Important Dates 2023

IBPS SO Important Events 2023


IBPS SO Mains Exam 2023

29th January 2023

IBPS SO Mains Result 2023

10th February 2023

IBPS SO Interview Call Letter

17th February 2023

IBPS official website


10 Mistakes to Avoid in IBPS SO interview 2023

1. Not Preparing for the Interview

The key to any interview is preparation. Lack of preparation puts you at a significant disadvantage in comparison to other applicants and will cost you a job before you ever enter the building. As a result, always get ready for the interview.

2. Last-moment Preparation

Many candidates spend the night before an interview stressing out and conducting last-minute preparation, which makes them look exhausted and increases the likelihood that they will forget something important. A fatigued appearance will give the interviewer the wrong impression. So, always make an effort to get a decent night’s sleep the night before an interview.

3. Lack of Confidence

In every element of life, confidence is crucial. It is more difficult to handle any issue if a person lacks confidence. If a person gets anxious during a bank interview, then he/she becomes unable to respond to any of the interviewer’s questions and goes blank.

4. Lack of Knowledge

 Candidates need to be familiar with IBPS SO and the work they will be doing there before attending the interview. This will dazzle the interviewers and subsequently help the candidates feel more confident.

5. Inappropriate Dressing

The way you dress is important when doing a formal interview. As the saying goes, “The first impression is the last impression,” so dressing formally is advised while attending an interview. Avoid bringing anything to an interview that you might not need.

6. Showing Desperation for the Job

Interviewers might learn a lot about you through the interview. However, they don’t have to be completely familiar with you. The interview panel is interested in learning how you might benefit them. So, pay attention to how your abilities may benefit the bank rather than why you are desperate for the job.

7. Not Having Eye Contact

While responding to the questions on the bank exam, the candidate must maintain proper eye contact with the interviewer. This demonstrates the candidates’ assurance as well.

8. Moving Quickly

The candidates must not move quickly or briskly while they are at the interview location. They must maintain composure and work to hide their nervousness. Such a gait might not necessarily leave a favorable impression on the interviewer(s). The slightest behaviors will be observed and scrutinized, therefore the applicants must take care not to make a bad impression.

9. Being Impatient

The candidate must not be aimlessly moving around. The candidate must wait patiently for his or her turn while seated. Avoid wandering about the property pointlessly.

10. Excess Bookish Knowledge

The candidate’s knowledge is merely one factor in the bank interview. In addition to this, it is also dependent on other factors. The contestant must refrain from providing responses that they have plagiarised from books.

In India, a sizable portion of those seeking government employment chooses to take several competitive tests; nevertheless, while doing well on the written test, many ultimately fail to advance to the interview stage. The advice provided in this article will assist candidates in honing their interviewing techniques for the IBPS SO.

IBPS SO Interview Tips 2023 : Secrets to Win

 Have you wondered what is next after IBPS  SO Mains Exams? How to become an IBPS SO officer after you clear  IBPS SO Prelims and IBPS SO Mains Exam 2023?  Here is your answer! you automatically qualify for the IBPS SO Interview phase. IBPS SO Interviews are the most difficult and challenging phase, you know why? 

Attending an IBPS SO Interview as it not only assesses your knowledge but you have to put in some effort to impress the IBPS SO interview Panel with your personality, leadership quality, and attitude too.  Hence, the candidates must prepare themselves mentally to give their best during the interview. We, Veranda Race have compiled a list of tips and tricks that candidates can follow to improve their chances of clearing the interview.

  • Leadership – A leader is someone to look up to. They guide you in the right direction helping you perform better.
  • Diligence – Diligent employees who perform their tasks with sincerity are recognized more.
  • Problem-solving skills – A Specialists Officer must have the skills to carry him/herself out of a troublesome situation unharmed.
  • The ability to handle pressure – Candidates must understand the importance and responsibilities latched to this job. They must be able to handle the pressure that comes along with it.
  • Personal behaviour – Every Specialists Officer must know how to behave with their peers and the ones who work under them.

IBPS SO Interview Tips 2023 (FAQs)

  • Q. What are the various levels of an IBPS SO exam?

    Ans: An IBPS SO exam involves three main stages including the Prelims, Mains and finally the Interview.

  • Q How can I download IBPS SO Interview Call Letter 2023?

    Ans. The IBPS SO Interview Call Letter 2023 can be downloaded from the direct link provided here. https://ibpsonline.ibps.in/crpsoxioct22/intcla_feb23/login.php?appid=f77131463e1d7affddb8ca244b76c23

  • Q. What are the various documents required for the IBPS SO interview?

    Ans: There are several documents required for the IBPS SO interview including your graduation mark sheets and certificates, your identity proof, your admit card, your school mark sheets etc. For more details visit the official website.

SSC MTS post, 34 out of 46 successful candidates shortlisted for appointment are from Veranda RACE Institute. More than 600 Race students have cleared the recent IBPS PO Mains, 2856 + cleared TNPSC Group 2 prelims and  3050 + Students cleared SBI Clerk Prelims we are awaiting a good result in the upcoming results for TNPSC group 4 exams too in 2023.

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