Top 10 Popular Myths about SSC CGL Exam Preparation

10 Common Myths About SSC Exam Preparation

Students have some myths in their minds related to the SSC exam, which can demotivate them and distract them from attaining their goals.
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10 Popular Myths about SSC Exam Preparation- Veranda Race

Despite the overwhelming popularity of high-paying jobs in the private sector, the obsession of Indian students for government sector jobs keeps increasing with time. The reason behind such popularity is various, from job security to timely increment in their salary. Also, securing the future through a government job with a good pay scale is the dream of every student.

SSC (Staff Selection Commission) is one of the prevalent government exams that involve millions of candidates every year who seek to get a job by qualifying for this exam. And while students can leverage the benefit of online preparation for SSC exams, it has become even more prevalent since anyone can get prepared sitting at home without spending huge money on coaching. 

The Staff Selection Commission (SSC) released the new SSC Annual Calendar 2023 on its official website on 30th December 2022, along with the tentative exam dates for various national-level exams. SSC CHSL, SSC MTS, SSC Selection Post Examination, and Phase-XI are the upcoming SSC Exams until June 2023. THE SSC CHSL exam will be conducted in March, and SSC MTS Notification is already out for 12000+ vacancies this year. Students have already started preparing for their exams, but certain notions or myths regarding the SSC Preparations obstruct the exam preparations. That being said, many students have some myths about the SSC exam, which can demotivate them and distract them from attaining their goals. Hence, we have unveiled ten common myths to enlighten the SSC aspirants and help them do better online or offline preparation.

10 Common Myths About SSC Exam Preparation

Myth 1: The exam is too hard to qualify for and designed especially for academic toppers

Reality: Academic excellence is beneficial, but it is not a guarantee of success in the SSC exams. Average students can also qualify for this exam and can give a thriving performance. Several individuals like us pass the exam every year, and not all have a history of being top in their academic performance. All you need is the right mindset, a well-thought-out plan and strict plans to drive value to your mission. 

Myth – 2: Tricks & shortcuts are a must to solve aptitude and numerical questions

Reality: While shortcut approaches and strategies will save you time, it is critical to clearly understand the topics. Short tactics used without a thorough knowledge of the topics will lead to disaster and result in cutting down your chances of passing the SSC exam.

Myth – 3: You need to gather vast knowledge about general awareness

Reality: Humans are not computers, so they can’t memorize every statistic and number in the world to perform as a master for the general awareness section. It covers a wide range of topics and genres, but it does not mean that one candidate is expected to know everything. All you have to do is keep track of major national and international events, both past and present, and have them at your fingertips.

Myth – 4: “Study more to score more” strategy is essential 

Reality: Studying continuously throughout the day and night will only cause you to have red eyes and headaches (that is tried, tested, and guaranteed). Instead of reading for hours on end, you must prioritize and schedule your activities. Planning effectively reduces work by nearly half. Prepare the portions you already know first, then go on to the new ones. In fact with smart work and dedication, you can get by, by studying up to 6 or 8 hours daily.

Myth – 5: Multiple attempts are a waste of time

Reality: It’s only a test, after all, and it’s not the end of the career possibilities. Someone else may have qualified for the exam on the first attempt, but it doesn’t make you a loser. Do not lose your heart and certainly not your life, over it. Continue to try, take additional exams, and give it your all, trusting in yourself, faith or whatever you believe in to help you get through it.

Myth – 6: Passage-based questions should be avoided

Reality: In every timed competitive exam, candidates easily get fatigued solving passage-based questions. The easier the question is to answer, the less time it will take you to answer it. If you are fluent in English and understand the passage sections, then you can easily ace what others avoid and turn the results in your favor.

Myth – 7: Online preparation is not worth spending time and effort

Reality: Technology has changed how we see the things around us and how we experience life. Why not the medium of study, then? Many popular e-learning platforms offer curated courses to help students benefit from online preparation for the SSC exam and score good grades. Even some platforms like Veranda Race organize live classes so that students can interact with the teachers and solve their doubts, similar to what they do in-classroom courses.

Advantages of Veranda Race 

  • Highly affordable.
  • Offer flexibility i.e., you can learn when you have time without worrying about missing out on important topics
  • There is no time restraint with learning
  • Study materials, teachers’ notes, past papers, mock exams, doubt-clearing sessions, and so on.

Myth – 8: You should avoid lengthy sections

Reality: Many people believe that if they get good grades on a few of the questions, they will be safe. candidates who are weak in Quantitative Aptitude or General Awareness may think of skipping this section and trying to cover lost scores in the other sections. However, the Staff Selection Commission creates a well-balanced test, with questions ranging from quite simple to tough nuts, which are nearly hard to crack.

Myth – 9: Questions are repeated every year

Reality: Another popular misconception about the SSC exam is that the same questions are asked every year. This is not true. Some of the questions may be similar in format, but they are not identical. This is because answering the same questions year after year will make the exam easier to pass. Examine prior years’ question papers to observe how each question differs from the others.

Myth – 10: It is necessary to change strategy for every attempt

Reality: No, it’s not. Every time, making a new strategy is nothing but a waste of your valuable time and energy. With some improvement in the previous strategies (probably learning from the aspirants who could score qualifying grades is the best), you can feel the difference in your performance and manage to achieve success as expected. So, be consistent and stick to your strategies despite making constant improvements in them.

5 Important Tips to Prepare for SSC Exams

Go through the Previous Exam Papers

  • Candidates can get a good idea of the question patterns by referring to previous year papers. 
  • Candidates can also understand the difficulty level of the exam. 
  • The more papers you solve, the better you can understand the topics frequently covered in the exam.

Time Management Skills

  • With proper time management, candidates can maintain a balance between accuracy and speed in answering the questions.
  • Candidates should focus more on difficult and frequently asked topics to sharpen their skills.
  • Make a personalized and organized study plan to set learning goals and outline the study time according to your routine.

Participate in the Mock Tests

  • Candidates can participate in the mock tests to properly assess their skills.
  • After attempting a mock test and obtaining the score, analyse the test to check your weak and strong points.
  • Free mock tests and online quiz sessions are available to test your general awareness skills.

Personalised Notes

  • Candidates can make their own notes to remember the important facts. Self-made notes help in the long run and stay sharp in memory.
  • It is easier to revise self-prepared notes at the last moment.
  • Highlighting and revising the important pointers are essential to study effectively. 

Speed is the Key

  • Speed plays a crucial role when attempting questions. Candidates should not spend more than 1 to 2 minutes on each question.
  • The more questions you attempt, the better your chances of scoring, and therefore if you want to work on your speed, learn tips and tricks to solving quantitative questions.
  • Make it a habit to time yourself when attempting past papers, and mock papers and work on your speed accordingly.

Wrapping it up

  • Instead of believing what everyone says about the exam, you should do your research and refer to trustworthy sources that can provide you with accurate information regarding the SSC exam Pattern, SSC  structure, and SSC syllabus.
  • Remember to always give your best. Dedication is essential and nothing else matters.

Regardless of what kind of strategy you follow – whether you adopt online preparation for the SSC exam or pursue coaching, if you successfully qualify for the exam and get a good grade, then you can be confident that you will have a financially stable and secure future. Make sure you don’t believe any of the myths added in this post, as they decline your chances of passing beside pushing you back in an era of robust competition. 


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