Reasons why candidates failed to qualify for IBPS Bank Exams ?

Why Most Candidates Fail to Qualify The IBPS Bank Exam?

Know where you are weak and prepare accordingly
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IBPS (Institute of Banking Personnel Selection) conducts various annual exams to recruit persons for multiple roles in public sector banks. The IBPS exams are similar to the bank exams conducted by SBI and RBI. Every year there is a tremendous increase in the number of applicants as getting a bank job is always considered secure and safe. The competition is getting more challenging, but unfortunately, the vacancies need to be increased accordingly. So it is challenging for a student or aspirant to get through the exams and secure their job.

The main four exams conducted by IBPS is

  • IBPS PO (Probationary Officer) Exam
  • IBPS SO (Specialist Officer) Exam
  • IBPS Clerk Exam
  • IBPS RRB ( Regional Rural Bank) Exam

Challenges and Reasons : IBPS Exams

Do you know that 8–10 lakh people take the IBPS PO Exam every year? where there aren’t tens of thousands of jobs available. As a result, a lot of individuals fail it. These bank examinations are difficult, and the Bank PO coaching that students employ will only help them; but, if students don’t take a committed and concentrated approach, the failure percentage will only rise. Candidates are rejected in interviews even if they succeed in the written examination. However, far more applicants fail the written test than afterward. To have a chance, it is crucial to understand the theory. There are a few differences between the IBPS PO Syllabus and other banking examinations for the written examination. 

Therefore, it is necessary to address the subject of why students fail these examinations.

Even though the candidates have the required abilities and skills, they are failed to qualify either in the written test or in the interview process. Have you ever think, why they failed to qualify for the IBPS Exams? The reasons are simple 

  1. Lack of practice 
  2. Syllabus-related issues.
  3. Exam pressure 
Let us have a detailed analysis of these reasons. 

Reasons Why Candidates Fail to qualify the IBPS Bank Examination?

Candidates may fail to pass the IBPS Bank PO for a variety of reasons, some of which are listed below:

Ignorance of the exam format and syllabus

The first step to successful preparation for the IBPS bank exam is a full understanding of the exam pattern and curriculum, which further boosts your chances of passing the exam on your first try. The exam format and syllabus, on the other hand, will impact your preparation, and not understanding what to study will leave you unprepared and confused, which impacts your outcomes.

Being ignorant of the deadlines and not knowing the cutoffs,

Cutoffs are the minimum scores required to pass a test. When you know the IBPS Bank examination cutoffs, you may establish a goal score that you must acquire. This will undoubtedly aid your preparation and even help you score on the examination.

Correcting a wrong answer

Since there is a penalty for each incorrect answer, choosing a guess at random and marking the incorrect answer will lower your overall score. As a result, you must be careful to only answer questions about which you are certain.

Ignoring the basics

Some candidates tend to concentrate on the more difficult subjects while forgetting to explain the fundamental ideas. This might significantly impact your exam score because most of the questions are based on basic ideas, and if you understand the basics, you can use them to answer the more difficult questions.

Concentrating on the challenging questions, first

Candidates frequently spend too much time concentrating on the challenging questions, leaving them with very little time to tackle the remaining questions. This is a bad approach since if you don’t attempt the questions you are confident about, you might lose a lot of marks. Therefore, it is preferable to attempt the simpler questions first and save the more difficult ones for last.

Anxiety and Stress

Stress and worry are common problems for candidates both during the preparation process and right before the exam. Aspirants frequently experience anxiety and stress throughout the preparation process because of things like a rigorous study schedule, a failure-related dread, not getting enough rest, and concern, among other things.

While taking the test, tension might be brought on by the anxiety of not being able to attempt the allotted number of questions within the allotted time or becoming stuck on a question. During test preparation, candidates must take good care of their mental health by getting enough sleep, exercising, and eating a balanced diet.

Online mode is unsafe for you

Some applicants are used to taking exams online. Sometimes we run into a technical issue. Some applicants are unaware of the changeover or scanning between sections. These applicants fall short of the sectional cutoff.

  • The majority of applicants still use books as preparation tools. outdated texts It doesn’t always guarantee that a book can benefit you just because it helped someone else a few years ago.
  • The majority of candidates read the newspaper often. Making reading the newspaper a habit, not just something you do while “studying.” The sources online are valuable.
  • The majority of candidates underrate the influence of the internet.
  • A large number of applicants spend time posting pointless queries on forums and over analyzing the competition. Definitely true. People spend their time asking questions rather than studying for the examination.
  • The majority of applicants arrive for the test unprepared or without a plan of attack.
  • Some people prioritize quantity above quality.
  • The majority of applicants cannot know that quality is more crucial than trying.

7 Smartest Ways to Crack IBPS Exams

1. Prepare a study plan: Aspirants must pay close attention to the syllabus and exam pattern before preparing for IBPS Exams  and create a study plan that encompasses all the topics covered therein. Exam question papers from previous years should be analysed and revised periodically in the study plan.

2. Pick good study materials: For the process of preparing for the IBPS exam, candidates must have good-quality books. Candidates can take advantage of the right study materials for covering topics for each subject of the assessment. To build up your speed and accuracy, you should first cover all the basics in all areas.

3. Practice daily: When practised regularly, the best results are achieved. The exam has a time limit, which makes it necessary to study within the same time limit and maintain meticulous time planning. Mock tests are a good way to practice the test format because they give an overview of the questions. The process also enables to increase the pace and consistency needed for each phase, helping to improve scores.

4. Check previous year’s papers: Analysing prior year’s papers can provide candidates with a better insight into how the exam is set and the pattern of the test. They can identify what subjects are commonly asked and what subjects are less relevant.

5. Include all key topics: Topics that are asked about every year have a tendency to repeat themselves. Students must identify these topics in advance and prepare according to them. Once the fields in which they are less competent have been identified, it is important to put more focus on those.

6. Speed up reading: Regularly reading newspapers is important for aspirants. Besides improving the candidate’s reading speed and English comprehension, current affairs should also be covered for the exam preparation. You’ll read about business, international relations, national politics and economics.

7. Don’t tense yourself up: It is essential for the competitors to practice and prepare regularly, but there is still a possibility that they will panic or become stressed out. Maintaining calm while preparing for the test is very essential, as is building up your confidenc

 Analyze yourself. Understand your weak spots and improvise your learning in ways to cover them . Its true that Practice makes you perfect . Be at the top tomorrow. Keep learning and have a nice day! 🙂 

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